International Expert Group initiate the investigation into oil contracts

Last Updated: Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 11:02

The panel of international experts, in charge of helping Iraq in the disclosure of the files of corruption, its first meeting under the chairmanship of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yassiri, to discuss the reported Oivadat on the issue of oil contracts, raised by reports of a number of media Alaalmih.ozkr statement to the Integrity Commission, the International Panel , held a meeting under the chairmanship of the integrity Commission, Hassan al-Yassiri, to discuss the steps and actions by the international team, and evidence and documents that have been collected, as well as consider the statements made by a number of officials whose names appeared in the issue of oil contracts, having been summoned by the body, to provide testimony on Alqdah.oatvq two sides, according to the statement, the need to verify all contracts concluded with the Iraqi side, either by the mother or the secondary corporate company, pointing to the importance of the use of international investigative experiments conducted in similar cases, highlighting at the same time, the correspondence conducted by the Commission through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Iraqi embassies in Australia, France, the United Kingdom and other countries, for the purpose of gathering information on Alqdah.onbht body in the statement, that «they outsource outside expertise came because of the realization issues beyond geographical boundaries, as well as recovery of funds and the accused that body which faces resulting from the lack of cooperation by some Arab and foreign countries incubator funds smuggled and accused difficulties »issues, stressing that the group of experts presented a number of proposals to help the Commission in its investigations, as has been agreed on the next step to be taken by the Iraqi side, and things that the United Nations would intervene to help and facilitate international procedures, and training staffs investigative and is Zlk.ahar that a team of international experts has arrived in Baghdad a few days ago, and held several meetings with the Iraqi regulators, led by the integrity Commission and the financial Inspection Office and the offices of inspectors general, as well as Iraqi judiciary; to provide help and advice for Iraq to enable it to recover his money smuggled abroad, and help the Iraqi side in the investigations of an international character.

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