Sadrist distance himself from the storming of the parliament and accused of threatening to enter the demonstrators Zamila

2016-05-09 18:13:48 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He warned against the Sadrist movement, led by Moqtada al - Sadr on Monday of trying to arrest any of its leaders because of the fact of the storming of parliament and the attack on the deputies, as the current refusal to make any apology on the subject, saying that the Aalagueth him of inciting protesters to enter parliament.

This comes at a time deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance MPs revealed meet a threat from a colleague in the Liberal block the introduction of the demonstrators in the absence of a vote on cabinet reshuffle.

The President of the parliamentary security committee, of quitting, that the Sadrist movement , "not behind the entry of demonstrators to the parliament, and therefore will not make any apology for one." He added that Muqtada al - Sadr is a "safety valve in Iraq."

He said in a televised interview that " the demonstrators storming of the Parliament was spontaneously to protest the parliament 's failure to ratify the selection of government." He added that "concrete blocks (concrete barriers) will not prevent people demand their rights."

Zamili said: "No commander of al- Sadr and the Organizing Committee for the demonstrations gave the protesters break into the Green Zone orders, but not to parliament in response to the House of Representatives to pass the composition of the government is pushing demonstrators to what happened."

He stressed that the move was spontaneous , "We did not offer an apology for one because it is nothing to do about it .. I even helped remove some of the deputies of the Kurds from the House of Representatives and get them to the presidency peacefully and without abusing them one".

He said that " al- Sadr was a safety valve for the movement of millions of fans, though Aatsamh lose the political forces and the government to control the demonstrations , which are not controlled by one now."

He went on to say: power and corruption whales , which demanded the lifting of his hand for demonstrations mistaken because the country may turn to the security chaos. He added that "some of the armed groups that claim to belong to the popular crowd started moving now, and entered into the ports of Basra and some border crossings and took interfere in their affairs and to raise funds in various arguments."

For his part, Associate jihadist's «Peace Brigades» pectoris, Abu Duaa al - Issawi, the Sadrists «rejects the arrest of any leader in power on the back of the demonstrators storming the parliament and assaulting some deputies».

The al - Issawi said in a statement that the Sadrists «will stand in general who threatens to arrest leaders of the demonstration», stressing that « the demonstrations are legitimate means to demand reforms and the fight against corruption».

On the other hand revealed the deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, on Monday, exposure of members of the House of Representatives to the threat by the chairman of the parliamentary security and defense of quitting, during the vote on the government cabin in April 26.

The MP Princess Karim in a press statement, said that Zamili told members of the House of Representatives during the vote on the ministers of the new government cabin hearing in April 26, the words "forcibly you Tsoton the Minister if Online a telephone Enter the demonstrators , " indicating that " the Sadrist movement as though if they want to something must be done. "

It said the "brutal and violent way, should not be applied with the House of Representatives, and are supposed to demand that Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi services, as he is supposed to Moqtada al - Sadr , leader of the street that is not conducive to topple the government and destroy Iraq."

She noted that the chest as if is the head of the convoy , said the protesters "deformities and physical faults deformities and physical faults And aspirations Talaao, while the reform in this way is not."