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Powers and responsibilities of the presidency reconcile Tbaadan energy Parliament of Kurdistan .

Friday, March 30 / March 2012 10:46 .

Twilight News / announced planned for Industry and Energy Committee in the Parliament of Kurdistan hermit Tawfik, Friday, for her resignation from office in protest against the lack of powers and the large number of responsibilities.

Tawfiq said a parliamentary for the Islamic Union of Kurdistan said in a statement reported for " Twilight News "She resigned from her post and made ​​a formal resignation to the Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament.

She added that the decision to resign came "not to enjoy the decision of the Industry and Energy Committee in the Parliament despite the powers of any bear all responsibilities."

Parliamentary Committee and raised many of the reports in different issues over the past years to the presidency of the parliament but it has not received the obvious answer, according to reconcile.

Tawfiq said she resigned from the post of Rapporteur of the Committee on Industry to remain in the membership of the Committee.

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