The establishment of an independent body contributes to the transition to a market economy
8/5/2016 BAGHDAD - Shokran Fatlawi

suggested economist importance of establishing an independent body to manage the economic affairs that consists of 50 percent of public sector experts and 50 percent of the private sector this body and be a recipe independent advisory and planning associated with practically the Council of Ministers and be headed by one economists from the private sector . , said economist Samir Abbas Alnasiri Speaking »Sabah»: the number of states have passed the same experience and exceeded the transitional phase in the economy quietly and smoothly and mechanisms certified executive by involving the public and private sectors and relevant experts. economic wheel , and pointed out that giving the private sector a leading role in the economic wheel administration can overcome imbalances structures Central militant and regulations and economic policies inadequate, within the central goal is to move to a stable and free economy and the adoption of a ways and procedures and clear mechanisms. He noted that the process of economic recovery requires a campaign to save all the productive and service sectors, pointing to the existence of strategies and initiatives, but did not indicate significant positive results over the past years, many of the considerations in the forefront of the complexities of planning, legislative and executive. functions of the proposed body and returned Alnasiri to say: that the most important proposed body functions of the development of mechanisms and contexts, instructions and reconsider legislation to move the economy from its hybrid current to a stable economy working mechanisms of the market economy. He added about the transition process capable of achieving national development of the country until 2030 , and in harmony with strategies to develop the private sector (2014.2030) and is consistent with paragraphs of the Constitution (a, b, c, d Third and on the promotion of the transition to the private sector) of the government program. Alnasiri urged the need to rethink the mechanisms and policies and action points in the light of the economic and financial Alazmhh variables experienced by the country, through the restructuring of state - owned industry, the shift towards the private sector, to provide the necessary infrastructure and the advancement of agricultural production and livestock, as well as the development of the areas of banking and commerce, with an emphasis on the possibility of Aattabaralcenten next phase of installation of the foundations of the proper construction of all episodes economy. plans, foundations and mechanisms promised Alnasiri plans and foundations and operational mechanisms and special programs to support and encourage the private sector, treatments to overcome the deficit in public budgets, accompanied by the adoption of monetary and fiscal policy new and restructure the financial and banking sector in order to comprehensive reform, with emphasis on the restructuring of the government banking sector as stated the memorandum signed with the World Bank, not to mention the support of the private banking sector and strengthening of the existing potential. And he stopped economist Samir Nasiri on the importance of drawing economic cooperation with Arab and foreign policies and the establishment of a balanced foreign economic relations, as well as on the status of development and development policies for internal and external trade for its impact positive on the economic situation. He concluded Alnasiri his speech by saying: The building of a national economy properly shared by all sectors guarantor to derail the country from its economic crisis stifling and increase per capita income and raise their purchasing power and increase the income of national.