Abadi , the achievements of the government in 2015 5-4
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Thread: Abadi , the achievements of the government in 2015 5-4

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    Abadi , the achievements of the government in 2015 5-4

    Abadi , the achievements of the government in 2015
    Posted by: admin2 4 May, 2016

    Oil hub
    1. Increased oil production to 3,900 million barrels per day.
    2. The distribution of oil and its derivatives on the citizens and the civil generators and to ensure delivery within the time periods specified.
    3. Improve the quality of fuel and reduce the price of fuel - High Alaoctan- to reduce environmental impacts.
    4. continue the processing of crude oil and its derivatives to the Ministry of Electricity to continue to provide the citizens with electric power.
    5. completion of Samawa create and populate a gas station and bottling plant granular.
    6. completion fluid spherical gas storage tanks in a number of governorates of Iraq.
    7. complete the NGL plant card 110 Mqmq Sepah in the field of investment.
    8. complete the project pipeline Sweet 24 knots
    9. completion of dry gas pipeline 24 feeder station Diwaniyah electricity knots.
    10. completion of pipeline fuel oil (accelerated) to feed the Shatt al-Basra power station 9.5 km.
    11. completion of the crude oil pipeline (Sber1- FAO) 50 km.

    The focus of trade:
    1. Increase in the distribution of some of the ration card items by 25% for the year (2014).
    2. increase the distribution of the ration card items to the displaced families at a rate of 140%, and by the distribution of flour by 2495%.
    3. The increase in the registration of companies, namely solidarity corporate rate of 45%.
    Industry and Minerals axis
    1. integrating self-funded public companies to become (31) instead of the company (71).
    2. formation of the military industry body, where he specializes in the production of ammunition, missiles multiple sizes and functions, in addition to the repair of heavy machinery and vehicles.
    3. start a national campaign for the promotion and marketing of the national product.
    4. granting of licenses for establishment of industrial projects for 1500 Project of the activities of the food industry and construction, chemical, metallurgical and textile.
    5. financial savings due to the application of the reforms launched by Prime Minister Esquire package of $ (7.13) billion dinars.
    6. achieve revenues of $ (1.852) billion dinars by the commercial department fines.
    7. Start production of fertilizers and some petrochemicals, automobile assembly and ensure real added value of 271 for the product.
    8. make decisions to protect the local product.

    simplifying procedures
    1. completion of the retirement of transactions martyrs' families in their homes file:
    1. completion of the treatment of 58 620 pensions for families of the martyrs and the issuance of the retirement card and smart card in their homes.
    2. Launch the phone number (5000) for the purpose of receiving citizens' complaints and inquiries about their transactions pensions.
    2. Registration / company registration initiative: Recording 917 national companies and the granting of leave 135 offices and branches of foreign companies until now.

    It includes a briefing on the security situation reduced the terrorist crimes of indicators (2015) compared to (2014):
    1. lift the ban of night roaming.
    2. The low proportion of wheels to blow up (68%) for 2014.
    3. The low rate of detonation explosive belts by (56%) for 2014.
    4. The low rate of explosion of improvised explosive devices increased by 51.5% for 2014
    5. low rate of fall of mortar rounds (70%) for 2014
    6. low rate of armed attack by (68.5%) for 2014
    7. decline in the proportion of the bombing Dar (25%) for 2014
    8. achieve intelligence activities amounted to (93,763) activity, which included the dismantling of terrorist cells and follow-up targets.
    9. ensure protection for oil companies operating in Iraq and other facilities, transmission lines and ports and export ports.

    Social Welfare axis:
    1. recovery of more than 3.8 billion Iraqi dinars from bypassing the network of social protection.
    2. The establishment of (387) course aims to develop the performance of state employees.
    3. The increase in social security income (209) billion dinars compared to (2014) where it was 183 billion.
    4. Training (12 067) thousand trainees within the training department activities.
    5. grants (10,499) loan for the unemployed within the program Fund to support income-generating projects and poverty alleviation strategy.

    The popular crowd

    The total amounts funded body to the popular crowd (1.904.212.860.000), which are as follows:
    1. financing of more than 1 trillion dinars for the salaries of the popular crowd.
    2. The amount of funding (40) billion dinars in compensation to victims of terrorism body the popular crowd.
    3. finance more than 800 billion dinars for equipping and arming Authority popular crowd.

    Electricity axis
    1. Increase of electric power by (1.35) for the power supply in the past year (2014)
    2. by the addition of 20 units to the productivity of power plants and generating capacity of (3180) MW.
    3. The increase in the transfer of power from neighboring countries by lines (544) MW ..
    4. Increase monument power transmission stations and by (6) units with an increase in energy transfer of $ (646) MW for the year (2014).
    5. In addition to the expansion of the distribution sector by installing additional stations 23 / 33/11 KV substations and rehabilitation (16) Other, and feeders (62) Capacity Feeder (33K.V) and (135) Capacity Feeder (11K.V).

    1. completion (21) paragraph within the document out of the political agreement (29).
    2. reducing the number of cabinet members from 33 members to 22 members.
    3. Cancel the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister.
    4. activation of decentralized management at both the administrative and economic.
    5. version bureaucracy orders exempting a large number of Defense Ministry leaders from office.
    6. exemption from the 24 leaders of the Ministry of Interior.
    7. Prohibit columns officials from the streets pieces.
    8. dissemination of a culture of volunteering in the community and the state.
    9. completion (76%) of the reform package within (5) main themes and 23 sub-items.
    10. suspend payment of the Kurdistan region budget through (8) last month not to extradite amounts of oil revenues.
    11. dropping all lawsuits related established by the prime minister against journalists publishing the interest of freedom of expression.
    12. speed up the release of detainees who were issued court orders for their release during a maximum period of six months.
    13. Remove the titles of the officials in the state.
    14. One hundred and twenty-three, Deputy Minister and Director General of exemption
    15. President and the Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament, ministers, agents and senior grades, officials and general managers to reduce the salaries and their grade and grades for very large proportions.
    16. suspend disbursement of pensions presidencies and special grades awarded under the previous laws and decisions of those who have held their positions after April 9, 2003.
    17. State Administration successfully and reduce government spending despite lower oil revenues to (46%) without compromising the salaries of employees and retirees and the network of social subsidy.
    18. rounds procedures and policies in the private sector package.
    19. approve the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers.

    1. deduction (65%) of adult criminal cases (13057) issue.
    2. The resolution of (100%) of the complaints received (1418), where communication was resolved by communications received.
    3. The completion of (4.539) News, of which (41%) turned into a criminal, (28%) are still under follow-up, 29% resolved once and for all, and (2%) were consolidated with other issues.
    4. assignment (3966), accusing the trial court, including 18 ministers and those who are Badrjtah issued against them (32) decision to refer, and (185) of them in varying private and general managers and their grade was issued against them (326) decision to refer.
    5. completion (40%) of orders amounting to judicial arrest (2736) order.
    6. completion (77%) of the amount of orders judicial recruitment (5634) order.
    7. been issued (809) Note judicial arrest for corruption, including issues (16) warrant special grades and managers of two years, is and their grade.
    8. Breast (1081) in which a guilty verdict was convicted (1313), accusing them (9) ministers and their grade, and (54) of those with special grades and general managers and their grade.
    9. recover more than 15 billion dinars, through the rule in a number of corruption cases

    Axis of Higher Education and Scientific Research
    1. The development of infrastructure of the universities of the projects through the implementation of 318 projects at a cost of (12668) billion dinars.
    2. develop scientific capacity through medical and engineering laboratory processing and the rest of the terms of reference has been completed clinical laboratory equipped by 2015.
    3. accept more than (153,000) thousand students in government and private universities within the central admissions plan.
    4. The development of the private channel state education morning (parallel) and acceptance (in 1165), including student.
    5. Increase university education opportunities for young people by (18%).
    6. introduction (93) Government College and the Department of science in the morning and evening study in different colleges.
    7. introduction (13) and the Faculty of the University of civil and scientific departments in various Iraqi provinces.
    8. expansion acceptance veggies graduate plan to more than 9,000 students.
    9. development of graduate studies in universities by (74) specialized in medical, engineering and agricultural fields and various sciences.
    10. Increase the number of scientific research in the magazines to the court (8737), including (in 1810) in a global database.
    11. Secure the scientific and physical requirements for the (7826) student scholarship.
    12. contract (215) and conference (563) scientific symposium and (192) workshop at the various universities.
    13. rehabilitation institutes and universities in the liberated areas, which was the headquarters of the terrorist gangs gathered, especially the University of Tikrit and institutes.
    [4/5 20:50] +964,781,118 0614: 1

    It includes a briefing on the military situation conduct of military operations and the losses incurred by the terrorist gangs since the launch of edits to now:
    1. edit more than 67% of the territory seized by terrorist gangs.
    2. More than 20,000 terrorist killed since the start of operations in September 92,014.
    3. processing more than 2,300 house was Tfajakhha by terrorist gangs.
    4. processing more than 632 bomb wheel.
    5. destruction of more than 619 camp for terrorist gangs.
    6. destruction of more than 573 tank used by terrorist gangs.
    7. dismantling of Champions and more than 22,000 explosive device planted by the terrorist gangs.
    8. treat more than 19.898 ammunition Guy multiple types and sizes Mnfelqh.
    9. accomplish 34.637 sorties of Army Aviation liberalization since the start of Anbar operations so far.

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