Parliament expected to approve a law after the holiday, 190

15.10.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad / term after the end of the second legislative term of the House of Representatives and the start of the holiday, which will last until after the Eid al-Fitr, and because of the large number of laws and proposals in the agenda of the House of Representatives, where more than (70) law The proposal was read a first reading, and more (40) law read a second reading and (80) proposed law submitted by the various governmental institutions and the legislature. Although the House of Representatives began more than (30) law and was the most important law to protect journalists and integrity, but some lawmakers criticized the Council's performance in the legislation of those laws, especially that there are laws that were deferred from the first session, especially those in dispute between the major powers in the parliament, and most notably oil and gas law, and another is listed on the agenda of a law of the Federal Court and Supreme Judicial Council. and said MP Mohammed Mhkour for the National Alliance "Despite the existence of important laws have been completed by the Council of Representatives during the past period, but no deputy to be satisfied with the performance of Parliament and achieved on the ground and touch the citizen at the level of provision of basic services and the elimination of unemployment and improving the situation of electricity, water, and the standard of living and other" He added, "This comes from talking and Tmasna directly with the citizen and the concerns and needs of the services The performance of MP is not commensurate with the size of the great responsibility entrusted to it and the size of microenterprises that were completed in the last period." revealed the source of a representative who declined to be named, said: "The legislative and executive branches is homogeneous with each other and that most of the laws that are rated to take a long time to be approved by the deliberate as well as laws began but have never been so far, "he said I have information that on the table of the prime minister more than the law has not been discussed in the Council of Ministers because of lack of conformity with the wishes of the government, "as he emphasized some lawmakers that the heads of blocs intervene continuously in the work of the Presidency and the selection of the agenda and to influence them in line with the interests of those blocks and trends, said the independent MP Sabah al-Saadi told how" The laws enacted served as the laws are not effective, although some were important, but we demand decisively important laws that were in dispute blocks of the first session into law the oil and gas and now there are laws I think they will not be resolved until after the end of this topic of the session and forwarded to the next session due to differences in some of the blocks by This in itself is the failure is clear. " , said a representative for the state of law "that the executive power are afraid of oversight and accountability of the House of Representatives, indicating that the latter succeeded in not appear to" doll "to the government, also criticized at the same time use the parliament with the theme of the legislation of laws, especially the oil and gas and the Federal Court. Shabandar said that "the parliament in the current session has succeeded in not seem like a puppet play by the government at will," asserting that "the executive institutions are afraid of oversight and accountability of the Council of Representatives." He Shabandar, which is close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki , that "this is in itself complete or important introduction to achieve the most important", but he also said that "the parliament proceeded towards (40) a new law only and is not comparable to the oil and gas and the Federal Court of importance." The Shabandar, a member of the Committee on Members of Parliament , that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives considered to begin with laws that do not cause political differences, and wait for the climate consensus to put the laws most important", describing the move as "defective." He called Shabandar to "review the entire political process and evaluation out of the cocoon of the Government of National Unity and partnership, and the adoption of a stable political system based government of a political majority, creating a dialectical relationship productive with the opposition and the government, "as he put it. suffer the Iraqi political scene differences chronically between the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi and the State of Law Coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki, on some of the terms of the Erbil, including the principle of partnership, balance, accountability and justice, and the strategic policies Supreme, and the designation of the characters that will pouches security, where you see that the Iraqi minister of defense of its stake, while opposed to al-Maliki that confirms that the post due to the component of Sunni Islam. and blew the adoption of the federal government a new version of the draft oil law and gas and send it to parliament, a new crisis between the Maliki and Kurds, who strongly criticized the formula passed by the project in the Cabinet, as they take on al-Maliki essentially lack of seriousness in the application of Article 140 of the Constitution on the disputed areas. The political scene in many of the files of contention between blocks, including the issue of keeping the U.S. trainers after the withdrawal of the military end of the year 2011 under a security pact signed between Baghdad and Washington, and the mechanism of resolving the crisis of Port Mubarak of Kuwait, and my water and bombardment with both Turkey and Iran, as well as the country's foreign policy, along with many of the issues of corruption which refers to the involvement of senior officials, which increases the suffering of Iraqi citizens every day, in the absence of basic services such as water and electricity.