Maliki confirms Iraq's commitment to the decisions of the Arab League, calls for the promotion of Arab integration
Thursday, March 29 / March 2012 17:16
[Baghdad - where]

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Iraq's commitment to the decisions of the Arab League, calling for "promotion of Arab integration"

Maliki said in his speech, the Conference of the Arab summit meeting in Baghdad that "Iraq's identity and modernity, sovereignty and diversity of religious and national wealth, which is the reason why in the face of challenges in the years past."

He added that "Iraq will be the basis of its experience in the adoption by the States because it is the citizen and not a state and national community."

He called on Maliki to "the importance of cooperation among Arab countries in all spheres of political, economic, social, and the protection of Arab societies, unemployment and underdevelopment."

He continued that "the era of Iraq now is a new era had begun between Iraq and the Arab world, and we stress our commitment to the decisions of the Arab League and to address the consequences of the former regime."

Maliki stressed that "we emphasize the unity of the Arab position and strengthen solidarity among Arab countries, and we condemn the crimes of the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people, and must be an international position Hazemn and fast on nuclear arms in the region", calling for "the promotion of Arab integration in all areas .. followed.