Iraq: oil and gas law renews the debate about the relationship between the regions of the central government
Posted: October 14, 2011 by THE CURRENCY NEWSHOUND - Just Hopin in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Attended the law of oil and gas power in the expanded meeting called by the «Institute of progress» for policy development, with the participation of a number of specialists in the affairs of the oil and the economy and provided the Engineer Hamza Jeweler vision detailed the required solution for the oil and gas law, which is awaiting approval for years. There was deep in discussions regarding a number of issues relating to the concepts of citizenship and to reconcile the public interest and the common interests between the private and regional issues and other accounts for the management of hydrocarbon wealth in Iraq.

And ask the former Minister of Planning Mahdi Al-Hafiz head of the center in meeting a number of important questions, including: Is Iraq needs in these circumstances the law of oil and gas after the conclusion of 42 oil contracts in Kurdistan, and 12 contracts from the Iraqi government on behalf of «service contract»?

He wondered about the possibility of success in the form of sound between the local interests of the province and the provinces for oil as a resource and a common national, and opportunities for the integration of planned projects in the Kurdistan national public policy, without prejudice to the interests of any party is Iraqi. Turning to how to interpret the re-establishment of a national oil company that was established after a number of local companies.

In turn, the oil expert jeweler Hamza and his paper, emphasizing the need to find a reasonable compromise between the government and the draft of the Parliamentary Committee for the oil and energy put forth for debate in the House.

He emphasized the crisis of confidence in the existing relations of political forces, and the imbalance that reflects the conflict of interests between them without taking the national interest in the joint account. He called for a democratic federal system in which everyone in line and accommodate differences.

And then stopped at the articles 111 and 112 of the Constitution, noting that the ill-understood and interpreted resulting in many crises, and provided clarification on the rights of the center and the regions and duties, which will help to avoid any possible crisis. He said: «aspects of a matter of federal exploration programs with the involvement of regions and provinces of productive and unproductive, and perhaps the biggest role of non-productive at this stage, because it must take its share of attention by the Center».

In regard to the operational aspects of exploration, development, production, explained the jeweler that the lion’s share of which must be of the territory and provinces with the center right to keep follow-up and supervision. He stressed that the Federal Council of the oil and gas executive body play an important oversight through supervision and follow-up, even for the budget. He said there needed to confirm the professional in the oil industry is the requirement can not bargain, warning that the Government of any nature will try to politicize the issue of the oil industry and make the file subject to political conflicts and interventions likely to hinder the work and hinder decision-making.

He stressed that the independence of the oil industry for the political decision, giving it momentum and urges all people to defend them instead of being targeted. He proposed the nomination of independent personal professional and long experience to the presidency of the Council.

Holding company

And address records proposal the national oil company, said: «You must be a holding company operating under the umbrella companies of regional, including those of the Kurdistan region, so that these companies partly owned by the provinces or territories, to be the executive arm of the company’s Federal Holding».

He said «Almsodtan talk about the private sector and the need for development, but none of them did not specify how to build this sector, which will the overall operations of the development of the building, digging wells and extending pipelines and processing of all things, and will provide advice and will studies highly-specialized on the basis of scientific and professional». He added: «This sector has extensions to the affairs of oil in all its stages and levels, making it eligible for half the area of the law of oil and gas in Iraq, because now we do not have from this sector nothing but a few companies, while we can not say that we have a special service center for the oil industry unless We had at least two thousand a company specializing in the areas of work