This is a GREAT overview... of the truth! 1st of two post..
This is from Duckyboy...

I have had to pull away from dinarland quite a bit to stay sane and keep my emotions in-check, but from what little I do read/listen to these days, it has gotten out of control, and you need to know that 99% of what is going on out there is complete garbage.

1. There are NO NEW TREASURY NOTES COMING!!! The Federal Reserve has a 99 year contract with the USA to perform as it's central bank which is up for renewal this year, that is a fact. The rumors of all dollars disappearing, debt being forgiven, mortgages being deleted are all CRAP! To understand our current monetary system you should go to youtube and look up "money as debt" which will give you a decent introduction to what is going on and how it works. In order for there to be money, there has to be debt. DEBT IS MONEY, money cannot exist without debt. The "powers-that-be" are not going to let us out of a debt slavery-system and into a debt-free society. They have spent 200 years getting us to where we are, and they are not going to throw it all away now. When you own most of the gold reserves, and own the printing presses that produce our currencies, you get to make up the rules, you are not subservient to alien powers or to "occupy wall street" dirtbag hippies.

2. There will not be a "global reset" post-RV. Granted, many countries will have certain economic infusions and benefits, but things will not drastically change like the rumors out there say they will, for basically the same reasons listed above.

3. There is/are no "prosperity programs" out there. If you follow this rabbit hole of information, you find that the same people peddling this crap believe that there is an elite master race of aliens who are disguised as humans and they are going to fix everything. This rabbit hole goes back 30 years, and just keeps growing and adding to itself, but fraud stacked up on top fraud is still it's basic element; fraud. This same group of people believe that there is an angel "saint germain" who is guiding the "lightbringers" and "white hats" to the final days of worldwide economic prosperity and reform. Incidentally, this is the same group that introduced the new treasury notes (nicknamed rainbow currency) into rumor-land. Its all garbage, next time you read this stuff, delete it before you lose more brain cells. My friend Marcus Curtis did a great job laying this all out over a year ago, google his blog to find out more.

4. OKIE is never right, he never has been right, so quit listening to him or any of his ilk. I hate reading that "okie is never wrong, he's early and just has intel before anyone else", I say BS! If you mean early, as in Okie saying we would be cashed out and at the banks A YEAR AGO was early, yes, he was just a tad early. I am sure Okie is a nice guy, but his sources are garbage, not a single time has he ever been right, so quit listening to him! Johnnywg is also a complete moron, ignore him as well.

5. There are no algorithm's working their way through the RV process. Notice how that Johnnywg crap was the hot topic and suddenly disappeared after weeks of getting people to buy into it? Yeah, that's because it was all lies. The RV will be activated after 1 meeting, 1 phone conference call, and then 1 push of a button, that's it plain and simple. Remember about 1 1/2 years ago the RV was about to take place but there was a "broken antenna" which stopped the RV? Well, this is just as big of a lie as this is, so don't believe any of it.

6. There are no rates getting ready to "drop in". The RV is not a game of "Connect 4" where you drop in your little black or red RV chip, connect 4, and then the banks screens come alive with a new rate. There is no tube connecting 2 computers together and the RV rate is going to slide down from one to another. There is no number hovering around in cyberspace waiting to fall into planetary alignment and land on the desk of a FOREX manager. Don't believe their lies.

7. There are no "hot, live" screens waiting for a rate. My MAC is currently "hot" and "live" but that doesn't mean SQUAT, and neither should this so-called "intel". Just because there are computers turned on all around the world, doesn't mean they have anything to do with an eminent RV coming soon.

8. Countries do not have "swift codes" they are waiting for. Now I already knew these guru's were idiots before they tried to promote this crap, but this is so ridiculous, it ranks right up there with the broken antenna story from 2010. Once a couple of these morons exposed their stupidity by saying that "countries were waiting to get their swift codes before the RV could happen" I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that anything they ever had to say was lies. COUNTRIES DO NOT HAVE SWIFT CODES, BANKS DO!!! Find out more here:

9. We are not in a window, and there are no "windows" to be in. For months and months now, guru after guru states how we are in a "great window" for this week, this day, this month, etc. Once again, garbage. There truthfully is only one so-called window, that is from today up to the RV, period. There is no RV window that opens and closes, having opportunities to RV, then stopping, then starting, then a great week, then a crappy week, blah blah blah. No such thing exists, it's just a bunch of idiots trying to predict a timeframe, so when it does RV they get to stick out their chest at their post-RV parties and brag how they were right, they are so awesome and live their 15 minutes of fame. They are all so small minded, they don't realize that 6 months post-RV, nobody will give a crap about any of them, nobody will be on their stupid chatrooms aside from the 10-15 diehards who never did have a life to begin with. Losers today, losers tomorrow, legends in their own minds.

10. There will be no $12, $18, $22, $24 rate! This particular issue is what caused me to write this whole email. I read some crap online this weekend about a $22-24 rate and I wanted to SLAP somebody. I hope and pray none of you are dumb enough to believe this stuff. Lets remember the FACTS; 1) Shabbibi stated a couple years ago that the intrinsic value of their currency could be as high as $8-12 due to their oil reserves but will not be at that level. 2) The MOST credible documented information I have seen EVER in this whole investment, was the IMF website that stated very clearly that Iraq was enabled to "restore their currency to pre-crisis levels (pre-saddam) and to increase that by as much as 20% due to inflationary factors". IF THE IMF LIMITS YOU TO 20% INCREASE OF $3.22, THEN THATS ALL YOU GET, PERIOD. These outlandish rates are impossible, unreasonable, and totally unsubstantiated. There is NO WAY you will see a rate higher than the $4.00 range. They may have oil, but they have no economy, and nobody else uses their currency. The only reason our dollar has any strength/buying power is because it is used all over the world. Use your brains, apply a little bit of logic and reason to these ridiculous things being spewed out all over the internet, it's junk, quit following these people because they are all liars.

11. FOREX does not stop/start the RV.FOREX is a facilitator for exchange, not a market-maker in-and-of itself. There is no "FOREX Master" who sits behind a desk with a "fresh hot live rate" blinking on his screen awaiting a call from Shabbibi so he can press a button. It doesn't work like that. FOREX sits there waiting to be fed a rate/info FROM THE CBI, period. Read more here: https://en.wikipedia....exchange_market

12. This is NOT a "moving target". The only reason these morons proclaim there is a moving target, is because they tell you their best GUESS, it NEVER happens like they say it will, then they proclaim the target has moved... What if you received an email every single day that said "the RV will happen in 2 days"... would you believe it after a week, a month, 6 months, a year??? Obviously a lot of people have, because that's all these guys say with their moving targets. It's 100% unreliable fictitious crap.