Maliki: Arab peoples is not satisfied with their governments

Date: Thursday, 29.03.2012 7:44

 Baghdad / term
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the Arab League needs to develop new and the addition of new institutions to interact with the recent Arab uprisings, including the establishment of institutions concerned with human rights in Arab countries and the fight against economic disparities among Arab countries. Maliki said in a speech to the Conference of Arab foreign ministers, "there is a need because we are working to open up to each other in the light of policies and develop the economies of these countries,

It should not be ashamed or hesitate in reviewing the decisions and attitudes wrong towards others as states in public affairs. "
and "We have to develop strategies that will matter the outside and to promote action and Arab solidarity and end the wars on behalf of and work to promote citizenship among Arab countries and non-interference in internal affairs." said al-Maliki that "the Arab peoples is not satisfied with the performance of Arab governments and there are necessities that be positive in dealing with the world and open up it at a high level." "We are facing significant challenges at the economic, political and security, especially the security aspect as the scourge of security that we face is terrorism, which no religion or nationality or doctrine it has targeted the foundations of more than one country. "He said that" Iraq has to pay a victim of terrorism, tens of thousands of martyrs and wounded, "he said, adding that he" will not hit just Iraq, but would strike any country or region where the fragility. "and called for a photo of cooperation between Arab institutions to combat terrorism.