The rule of law: Article 90 accomplished in the National Conference preparatory
Date: Thursday, 29.03.2012 7:42

Baghdad / range
confirmed a coalition of state law that the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting in its last meeting discussed the files relating to the executive side, noting that more than 90 article raised for discussion in the Preparatory Committee.

And select the president, Jalal Talabani, after consultations with the prime ministers and House of Representatives fifth of the month of April as a date to hold a national meeting to resolve the current differences between the political blocs.
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has called on the Preparatory Committee to expedite the completion of its business in order to hold the national meeting after the Summit Arabic directly.
A member of the negotiating team for a coalition of state law on the Keywords that "the building blocks formed a committee looking at the importance of the topics that will be on the agenda of the national meeting of the outstanding issues which need to be resolved whether the remainder of the agreement Erbil or other issues Kalmjal legislative and judicial."
He explained that "there are principles and foundations have been agreed to be the ruling at the national meeting and the decisions that will be issued from it."
said Keywords that he "was proposed in the agenda of the Preparatory Commission initially issues of convergence of {90} material for discussion."
He pointed out that "has been the formation of a tripartite committee composed of Rose Nuri Shawis from the Kurdistan Alliance and Khalid al-Attiyah for the National Alliance and Adnan al-Janabi, the Iraqi List, to shorten this number and reduce the files to the extent appropriate and exit issues are searchable for the development of solutions and treatments. "
Iraq is gripped by a severe political crisis after the issuance of an arrest warrant for Deputy President Tareq al-Hashemi and asked Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to withdraw confidence from his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq.
For his part, MP for the Liberal bloc Riad al-Zaidi, the presence of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr took to the national meeting or the Arab summit depends on the office on him.
said al-Zaidi said that "the presence of Moqtada al-Sadr or to the national meeting of the Arab summit depends on your office and no one can predict whether or not his presence. " He explained that "Mr. Muqtada was appointed political tasks of the Political Commission of the Sadrist movement and in turn the Baikal tasks to whom it may consider appropriate from politicians or MPs to attend a national meeting or the Arab summit."
He al-Zaidi that "the Sadrist movement of supporters to hold a national meeting and follow up on important things that carried out by the preparatory committees. " As for the presence of al-Maliki was MP for the transfer of state law Adnan Schuller, the Prime Minister is ready to come to the national meeting if requested by the public interest. He said Schuller, "when we will attend to the national meeting we will attend as representatives of the National Alliance is not for the rule of law," adding that "in case it was agreed that the meeting would be at the level of the leaders of high, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is no reason why he has to attend and participate in the request It's that. "
said the parliamentarian for the law, "We have identified topics that can not be put forward at the national meeting, which include topics outside the constitution and otherwise can discuss any subject that was and we will endeavor to find solutions to them."
In contrast, said a representative for the Iraqi List, Ahmed electrodes that "the national meeting means the implementation of the Arbil. "
said electrodes, "We noted and clearly the absence of good faith by the political partners in the implementation of the Convention and Paper Items Arbil and to be put forward as one of the main files in the National Congress, because we believe that this conference is meant implementation of the Convention in full its terms."
He pointed out that "Some political parties are trying to procrastination and stalling for time as long as possible in order not to implement the Convention on Arbil."
while MP on the mass of the citizen representative on the inch that failure to attend the coalition in Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance to the national meeting is a pressure on the coalition of national and state law, particularly for the submission to the demands, or attempt to undermine the political process.
said an inch told all of Iraq [where] yesterday, that "the political leaders if they were not serious in resolving the crisis will see the currency of political reluctance and a decline in performance," adding "to the day we did not notice any sign of any party involved at the national meeting towards resolving the crisis. "
and "To this day there is no real move to resolve the current crisis, but we note an increase in the crisis and evidence of this bickering media between the political blocs," noting that he "could not resolve the crisis in this way can not be kept things stuck amid mutual recriminations. " He noted "Today we stand at a crossroads, either we move in the political process is successful, strong, or that the delay in addressing the problems which kills thus exacerbating the crisis and lack of access to a compromise between the political blocs."