State law declares the failure of Iraq's internal file put at the top of the Arabs

28.03.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -

BAGHDAD / long accused the coalition of state law, the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, that they sought to postpone the Arab summit through the messages had been sent to the leaders and the leaders of Arab countries, at a time continues the existing Iraqi threat introduced the internal problems of the Arab leaders during the talks Side which will be held on the sidelines of the summit. and Iraq is the largest historical event since the fall of the former regime convening the Arab summit in Baghdad in the twenty-ninth of this month, with the participation of all Arab states except Syria frozen its membership in the Arab League. Maliki said in a press statement yesterday, "there were claims of Some political blocs to dispatch letters to the leaders and the leaders of the postponement of the Arab summit, "noting that" the first messages sent to the Arab League to demand postponement of the Arab summit in Baghdad is one of the Iraqi List. " and added that "the political blocs were asked to enter the internal problems of Iraq the agenda of the Arab summit, but after the last meeting of Arab foreign ministers moment to memorize on this matter because the Charter of the Arab League and the parties to the Arab League does not interfere with the internal affairs of countries. " The political scene exacerbated in attitudes, especially among the State of Law Coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Iraqi List, led by Iyad Allawi, among other topics, most notably the issues of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq as the first issued an arrest warrant on charges and sent it to support terrorist operations carried out by members of the protection, but al-Mutlaq face the demand to withdraw confidence in him by al-Maliki to the Board of House of Representatives on the back of a press statement. He made ​​it clear that "Iraq is through the diplomatic relations between the point of view about what is going on and witnessed the Iraqi arena, where contact with Arab foreign ministers and the President of the Arab League to explain that seen in the political arena to confirm the then leaders of Arab countries not to interfere with Iraqi affairs, internal affairs" . He pointed out that "the Arab League is not interested in the internal affairs of Iraq is not interested in the appointment of the Minister of Defense Iraqi or the enactment of the oil and gas or other internal affairs of Iraq but also things Arab and political issues, an Arab." He al-Maliki said that "the agenda of the Arab summit will include the important points contained more than 12 points and there is another meeting will be held in Baghdad on 28 March of the current Arab foreign ministers for a final table of the Arabs agreed to put forward topics of interest to Arab countries. " Will be preceded by the summit two days meeting of the Ministers of Economy Arabs and one day meeting of Arab foreign ministers. and is expected to discuss the summit Baghdad internal situation in Syria and the unrest caused by the uprising calling for regime change as well as the restructuring of the Arab League and the issues of Arab spring. He al-Maliki that "the messages that went to the University Arab of some political blocs are trying to give the image blurry or are trying to corner the domestic issues at the Arab summit, but these attempts will not benefit them something and have no open door of the doors of the Arab League that it would close like such topics and this indicates the keenness of the Arabs to the Arab Summit in Baghdad and its success " For her part, MP for the coalition in Iraq to meet with the pink that the mass will be internal problems in the dialogues side on the sidelines of the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad on Thursday. said pink in a press release received a term that "what worked on some of the political blocs in the postponement of the national meeting until after the Arab summit did not think the public interest, but made ​​personal and party interests in mind despite the plunge the country into a sea of political problems. " , she said, "hold the national meeting after the Arab summit will not solve the political problems, because of the worsening political crisis between blocs, This is a serious indicator may bring Iraq back to square one. " and stressed the importance of "aware of some political blocs importance of holding a national meeting as soon as possible to get out of the current crisis, which was caused by the lack of confidence between the political parties, because Disclaimer Some of his promises." They were surprised and shrimps, "not to invite the leaders of the Iraqi List, to the Arab summit, even though they represent a large segment of the Iraqi people. For his part, met with House Speaker Osama Najafi, Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi at his residence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and discussed with him the political crisis taking place in Iraq, as well as Arab Summit to be hosted by Baghdad on Thursday. A statement issued by the Office of Hashemi temporary in the Kurdistan Region and received the "long" version of it, that "the last received at his residence in Speaker Osama Najafi," noting that "the two sides discussed the current political crisis and ways to out of it. " The statement added that "al-Hashemi and Najafi also discussed the Arab Summit to be held in the capital Baghdad on Thursday, and some of the issues that deal with domestic political coalition in Iraq."

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