Maliki: "There are thought to drag us into wars on behalf of on behalf of" .. We reject all forms of domination and hegemony

Ali Abdullah - 28/03/2012 m - 1:35 PM | Hits: 109


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a meeting of Arab foreign ministers that all the sons of the Arab nation are waiting for the Arab summit resolutions, and fitting for us to be in the forefront of nations and peoples.
He added that our people were not satisfied with the performance that we are and we look forward to the goodness of the will of the solid represented by the leaders of brotherly and we are in a positive atmosphere to reach our goals in light of the variables that Nbarkha and blessed we stand on the floor more solid for progress forward.
said: we will reach the goals that we want in terms of economic, social and security and security is the basis of age and construction in the variables of major got and you'll get the world's political themes, influence and power, and the trend is toward state Almutna home to everyone without interference.
He explained that there was thinking on behalf drag us into wars on behalf of, you should respect the will of the people to be all partners to build this "planet" and can only be positive with the world.
He pointed out: that the lesion is dangerous threats to our people is terrorism that is not a religion to them, Iraq has suffered severely from it and killed thousands of martyrs and will strike any area, the piece must cooperate to prevent this phenomenon in the framework of the Arab League, and continued: We reject all forms of domination and hegemony, control, and must investment does not let the vacuum in the States so as not to exploit greedy.
and he continued, should not be ashamed to review our positions as states and must review and our duty in Shan international relations of the lineup on the idea of one of the joint Arab action must be the return of Arab solidarity, which was shaken after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, should not deny themselves or deny themselves, and I hope to be able to force Arab countries to stand in this world who is looking for stability