Debt crisis solved!???
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Thread: Debt crisis solved!???

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    Debt crisis solved!???

    William White 1:50 PM
    [Bulldog75] F L A S H : We at O O M just beat the M S N B C Ticker Tape " Geithner announces Euro Debt crisis solved"!!!; as you just noticed on the screen; we here are ahead of the media. The Hunt for Red October is Almost Over. You just saw and heard it First from Bulldog75, Lexie and the O O M Team. We are #1 in Info even before the Media hits the Wires. I L O V E ..U.. A L L. Know you are Chosen and Blessed. What a Fabulous Team we have. Thanks Okie, Sambo, Liz and All.

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    Sounds more like France and Germany just decided to eat the whole enchilada. Not so sure it has anything to do with the RV....we'll see.

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