Looking chest with the leaders of the mass response to the formation of a government Abadi .. and the possible return of the sit-in in the Green Zone (Details)
10:50 AM
Orbit News -
Informed political sources confirmed that the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr has summoned top aides and leaders of its liberal bloc in parliament to discuss a response to the new government formation provided by Abadi to parliament.

The sources said in a press statement, said that Mr. al- Sadr will discuss with his aides and leaders of the Liberal bloc next steps, and the prospect of his return to sit in the Green Zone in central Baghdad to put pressure on the government.

The sources, that the most prominent al- Sadr 's objections about the new candidate characters are background sectarian and partisan, non - specialization, dip Abadi It promises to provide ministers of independent specialists in the field who Seenspon him.
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