Khalidi: We hope to have diplomatic representation in Baghdad, a high level summit is to resolve the outstanding issues of the Arab

Ali Abdullah - 27/03/2012 PM - 4:23 p.m. | Hits: 2

The deputy of the Iraqi List, Muhammad Al-Khalidi expressed hope that the diplomatic representation in the Arab Summit is a high level in order to make important decisions on outstanding issues in the Arab world.

He said Khalidi told all of Iraq [where] on Tuesday that "it is supposed to be the position of the Arab leaders at the Arab causes a positive because the Arab situation is not enviable now," asserting that "all Arab countries under threat at the moment, without exception, in the absence of stand-stop man one to solve the problems of internal and external. "

"The diplomatic representation is directly proportional to the volume of decisions, which will hopefully be taken at the summit," noting that "most Arab countries have expressed willingness to attend a high-level summit in Baghdad."

The day began with a preparatory meeting of ministers of finance and economy, while hold tomorrow a meeting of Foreign Ministers and the day after tomorrow hold a summit meeting of Arab leaders.

It is said that the Arab delegations began yesterday to reach Baghdad, the Prime Union of the Comoros crown Znin to Baghdad to be the first head of state up to the summit, reaching also more than 180 political, diplomatic part of a delegation representing the Arab League, Egypt and Morocco to participate in the summit, also arrived also many of the delegations of Arab countries