Ben Helli: There were not parties want the summit to take place in its time, nor in its place

Ali Abdullah - 27/03/2012 PM - 2:16 p.m. | Hits: 12


Accused the League of Arab States parties did not name that they were not wanted to hold the Arab summit in time, not even in Baghdad, and drew it, and Iraq have worked together and gain "challenge" to be held in place and time. said Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Ben Helli in a press statement that "some parties were not want this summit to be held not in time nor in place," and added that "Iraq and the Arab League won the challenge and held that, God willing," as he put it. He said Ben Helli, that "Iraq is witnessing a new phase after the departure of U.S. forces, where he began the restoration of Arab and regional role. "