Interior affirms its readiness to receive the security file

14/10/2011 11:36

Baghdad, October 14 (Rn) – The Iraqi Interior Ministry on Friday said that its troops ready to receive the security file, indicating that its work in this framework is in coordination with other security units.

The assurances of the readiness of security forces at the time of the capital city of Baghdad to the attacks and was described as “violent” caused by the car bomb targeted a security stations in the Rusafa side Alkrah and have left dozens dead and wounded.

And manages the Baghdad Operations Command, the security file in full in the capital, while The leaders of other operations in the provinces control the security file in the provinces in coordination with the police forces.

And follow the leadership of operations in Baghdad and the provinces and the Ministry of Defence, which is administered by Saadoun al-Dulaimi, by proxy.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry, Maj. Gen. Adel Daham, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), “We are ready to receive the security file.” The position in response to comments by the Baghdad Operations Command last week, not the arrival of Interior Ministry forces to the point position to receive the security file in full.

He also said that “the Interior Ministry forces working in concert with other security forces to repel any attacks by terrorists.” In reference to the forces of the Ministry of Defence.

Although the insurgents mined their cars were able to explode in the places where they believe their goals, but ministry spokesman Major General Adel Daham says that “his forces repulsed the attacks of suicide bombers to kill her some mined in their cars.”

The attributes of security and defense committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives repeated attacks by insurgents quality to the lack of coordination between security agencies and especially between the yacht to the defense and interior.

And promoted the Baghdad Operations Command during the last two days of security measures in the Karkh and Rusafa fear of attacks, as offered on the confessions of two of the leaders of al Qaeda said they were directly responsible for killings and bombings in Baghdad.

And al Qaeda operating in many parts of the outskirts of Baghdad, according to the leaders of Iraq’s security, while most of the attacks carried out in the middle of the capital.

Presents the organization during the past two years to the blows of the Iraqi security forces supported by U.S. troops cost him the most prominent leaders.