Urgent .. The start of the Arab economic summit in Baghdad

Haider Ali Jawad - 27/03/2012 AD - 12:33 PM | Hits: 16


Began the preparatory meeting of Ministers of Economy and Trade Arabs in the Ishtar Sheraton Hotel in central Baghdad.

A reporter Agency {News} Euphrates, said the session started in the presence of all the Arab ministers meeting within the Arab economic summit of the Arab economic conference directly.

The source said, told {Euphrates News} "The opening session of the Preparatory Meeting of Ministers of Economy Forum will be open and will be handed over the presidency of the summit to Iraq and after a speech by President of the Summit and former speech by chairman of the summit the current and the word of the noble Arab League Secretary-General Arabic."

"The first item on the work of the preparatory meeting follow up the implementation of the Arab summit of economic and social development in the first session in Kuwait in 2009 and its second session in Sharm el-Sheikh 2011 and preparations for the summit of the Arab economic and social development in 2013 in Riyadh."

He continued that "the topics to be included within the economic summit of Arab tourism strategy and its implementation mechanism and water security in the Arab region to meet the challenges and requirements of future Arab strategy for disaster risk reduction