Member of the Economic Committee: raising the issue of Arab economic integration and unification of customs tariffs in the meeting of ministers of finance and economy Arabs
Ali Abdullah - 27/03/2012 AD - 12:28 PM | Hits: 3

Revealed by the Economic Commission parliamentary deputy / coalition in Iraq / Nora Albjara the launch of a number of important topics at the meeting of ministers of finance, economics and Arab traders today, the most important Arab economic integration, and standardization of customs tariff in between the Arab countries, weighted by the success of the meeting, which will support the Arab economy.
said Albjara in a press statement on Tuesday: One of the most important issues that would be discussed at a meeting of ministers of economy, finance Arabs today in Baghdad of economic integration among Arab countries and make Alasouk Arab through a common currency union and Arab customs tariff for all countries, as it is now in the European Union , which will support the economies of Arab countries, especially Iraq.
She added that the achievement of the principle of Arab economic integration will deliver a great success and will support the economies of the Arab states because there are elements of help on it such as language common among the Arabs, in addition to the Islamic religion which prevail in most Arab countries, unexpected success meeting of the Ministers of Economy Arabs on all fronts, especially economic, which is chaired by Iraqi Trade Minister, at the Sheraton Hotel today.
She Albjara to: that the Arab economic integration would be the best way to get rid of financial crises that beset the countries of the world, especially Arab and success between Arab countries and will be successful not only in Iraq but all Arab countries in order to be markets, the Arab region, common in everything as is the case now in the European Union.
According to a member of the Economic Commission representative: that the issue of economic integration has been put in one of the Arab summits held in the mid-sixties, but it did not do to now, but now there will be serious to activate this service from Baghdad all the Arab peoples.