Obama Proposes ex-Bush Official as Envoy to Iraq

Posted on 27 March 2012. Tags: 'Your Country' - United States

US President Barack Obama has nominated a former member of president George W. Bush’s national security staff to be the next US ambassador to Iraq, according to AFP.

Brett McGurk is currently senior advisor to US Ambassador James Jeffrey, and served in Baghdad as senior advisor to the previous two US ambassadors, Ryan Crocker and Christopher Hill.

From 2005 to 2009, during the Bush presidency, McGurk served on the National Security Council, first as director for Iraq and later as special presidential assistant and senior director on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Before 2005, McGurk was a legal advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority — the US-led transitional government led Paul Bremer that took over soon after Saddam’s ouster — and to the US embassy in Baghdad.

An attorney by training, McGurk was also a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

(Source: AFP