Member of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs: Saudi representation at the top of Baghdad is very bad and will affect the relations between the two countries
Sunday, March 25 / March 2012 19:50

[Baghdad - where]
Described member of the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee , but Talabani named its ambassador to Saudi Arabia in Egypt to head the delegation at the Arab summit in Baghdad as "a very bad representation."

Said Talabani told all of Iraq [where] said Sunday that "the decision of Saudi Arabia named ambassador of Egypt to head the delegation at the top of Baghdad is the representation of very bad and unexpected as we expect it to be the Saudi delegation higher than that of foreign minister or equal to the diplomatic representation, and I think that decision will also affect relations, Iraq - Saudi Arabia, which over the past years were characterized by stagnation and uncertainty. "

She added that "this representation simple at the level of ambassador does not fit and the size of the goodwill displayed by Iraq, especially in recent times such as the signing of memorandums of understanding in several areas and visits to Iraqi officials to Riyadh," likely "does not affect this step on the level of representation of other Arab countries in the Arab Summit or its outcome. "

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has named its ambassador to Egypt Ahmed Qattan to head its delegation at the Arab summit to be held in Baghdad on Thursday.

The Saudi told at the end of February, the Iraqi embassy in Riyadh to nominate its ambassador to Jordan Fahd Abdul Mohsen Al-Zaid to be a non-resident ambassador in Baghdad.
This is the nomination in terms of diplomacy, the first step to restore diplomatic ties severed between the two countries since the invasion of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein's regime in 1990.