State law calls for the media to stop bickering between the parties during the upcoming Arab summit
25/03/2012 14:33

Karbala, March 25 / March (AKnews) called for a member of the State of Law Coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki today, Sunday, the political blocs to stay away from the war of media among Iraqi political blocs during these days in order to receive the Arab leaders and raise the status of Iraq, and denied the lead in Supreme Council of any future alliances with the coalition or Iraqi Kurdish blocs.

The MP said the National Alliance, Dr. Saleh Hasnawi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) announced today that "the media bickering between the political blocs must end, and turn to receive the Arab leaders who will come to Baghdad to participate in the Arab summit."

"The media bickering between the parties at the present time weaken the position of Iraq, whether at the level of the political process or the other," pointing out that there are uses of media discourse because improper intentions, "he says. "Yeah, because it's making Maliki's stand out and showing his true colors" "A Dictator"

And cross-Hasnawi the hope that "the political speeches of the blocks of Iraq towards supporting the political process in order to preserve the history of the country, which extends to more than 6000 years, and the development of the power of Iraq during the next phase because it is very necessary," stressing that "the reputation of Iraq's interest to everyone, should work Everyone would uphold. "

The Hasnawi that "all Iraqi politicians are required to go towards supporting the position of Iraq instead of bickering media and the struggle for the position does not work here or there," he said.

For his part, denied the leading role in the mass of citizens were part of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim reports that a rapprochement with the coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan to form a new coalition and withdraw from the National Alliance.

The MP said the National Alliance, Dr. Habib Al Hamza Terminal (aka News) announced today that "this news just bubbles media is not baseless," adding that "the Islamic Supreme Council is an integral part of the National Alliance continues to be present and functioning normally."

And about the existence of the dispute with the state law makes it clear that Terminal "there is no such thing, and the Supreme Council is one of the components of the National Alliance, which also includes a coalition of state law."

The reports about the intention to form a coalition of Iraqi List and the Islamic Supreme Council and the Kurdistan Alliance after a visit to the territory of Ammar al-Hakim and his meeting with President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani.