Salim al: meetings to prepare for the meeting is productive and all the national currency is what has set the agenda
24.3.2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

Baghdad - where the MP for the Iraqi List, Salim al, "The meetings and the meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the national prospective still fruitless and unproductive did not make steps to remember." he said in a statement to all of Iraq [where] that "the meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the National between the blocks Political failed to reach the results to resolve the outstanding problems as they are set the agenda for the meeting," he said. He Jubouri "The most important findings of the committee formed to prepare and configuration to meet the national expected and in more than two months is the status of" agenda "could have been formed less than this period of time large. " and plans to leaders of political blocs held a national meeting after it has been the configuration to him by a small committee was during the preparatory meetings to submit papers political blocks large in order to reach a common vision and resolve political crises present. The Iraqi List and the Kurds agreed to convene a national meeting before the Arab summit when he met with the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allay and the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and stressed the importance of a national meeting before the Arab Summit, but the National Alliance, said in a meeting on Friday that a national meeting will be after the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month. "

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