MP Mohammed Mhkour rule out approving oil and gas law after the holiday, the legislative

Ruled out on the mass of MP Mohammed Mhkour approve oil and gas law after the legislative recess of the Council of Representatives.

He said in a press statement that the differences of the political blocs and the incompatibility between them disrupted the adoption of several laws, "noting that any law can not vote unless there is a consensus between the political blocs outside the parliament.

He added: "The law of oil and gas can not be adopted without a consensus between the KRG and the central government," adding that "disputes many of the political blocs, impacted negatively on the work of the parliament, which has become confused because of it, which would delay the delivery of services to citizens."

And raised the draft law of oil and gas provided by the Government to the House of Representatives, after considerable debate by the reservation of the Kurdistan Alliance, the draft because of limited powers, however, prevented the central government and the provinces of the conclusion of contracts with foreign companies.

He criticized the legislative Mhkour long holiday which was approved by Parliament in his favor, because many of the deputies to go to Hajj, Aadha negative situation, because of their negative impact on the citizen.

The parliamentary sources said earlier that more than / 70 / member of the House of Representatives will go to perform the Hajj, which will extend the legislative recess of this chapter a week to fifth, after it was supposed to be the legislative vacation four weeks.