Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Greetings XXXXXX,

Well another week has gone by and despite the many Dinar forums' claims that their "highly placed", "in the know" contacts have told them that this was the week we all have been waiting for there still has been no RV.

They are all still saying that the Arab summit, which is scheduled to start in a few days on March 27 will be the reason why they will have to have an RV this month. You have to kinda wonder what their new pitch will be if the Summit happens and the RV doesn't? Hmm?

Up until now, though many Gurus have had their different theories of what was on the master check list of what needed to be done by Iraq to initiate the RV- the one item shared by the majority of the Dinar forums is that; "Iraq needed to be declared a sovereign nation" and then and only then the RV could happen.

Join us tonight and find out the factual status of Iraq's sovereignty and the effect that will have on the timing of the events and forces that will ultimately more likely lead to the RV.

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Tonight's call details below:

Date: Friday, march 23, 2012

Start Time: 8:00PM EST

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Phone: (760) 569-7676


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See you all on the call,

Highlander, Enoch, Patriot, Proteus, and our special Guests.