The late adoption of the law of oil and gas will lead to confusion in the management of oil wealth

22-03-2012 09:00 AM
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A member of the Commission on oil and energy in the House of Representatives Furat al-Shara oil and gas law mechanism, the basic policy strategy between giant oil companies and the Oil Ministry, pointing out that the delay of this law will lead to a lack of clarity and transparency in the political oil.

Shara said the newspaper term that not adopting the oil and gas law will reflect negatively on the nature of the interaction between giant companies in the extractive industries, or exploratory, and even transportation companies.

said Shara: that this delay is happening confusion in the management of oil wealth in the country Kachtlav vision between the central government and the region on the division of wealth, accusing some neighboring countries to work to keep this law is disabled, indicating that this delay does not directly affect the volume of production now.

to that attributed the oil expert Hamza Jeweler delay the adoption of the draft law of oil and gas to the dispute ongoing between the center and the Kurdistan region.
said jeweler to Dhifah term that the Iraqi Constitution in Article (111) gave ownership of the oil of the people all pointing out that the government drafted the law in accordance with this understanding of the Constitution in his view, the region that the oil in the provinces to be managed by the provinces and territories, indicating that the political dimension surrounding the law affects a lot in the nature of the controversy raging between the political blocs about the law.
For his part, accused the Member of the Commission on oil and energy Odai Awad points of internal and external to prevent the adoption of this law.

said Awa d for the same newspaper there is an agenda of internal and external are some of the neighboring countries are trying to delay the adoption of oil and gas law purpose of creating crises between the various components of the people and the political blocs, noting to that a lot of discussions on this matter begins and ends not to reach a conclusion in spite of the presence of only five substances is agreed in the draft law.

said Awad: its absence makes the oil ministry to deal with the file's oil wealth alone, without being any watchdog role of the supervision, noting that the ministry is at the present time is in control of the extraction and export and thus take advantage of near some decision-makers in government, pointing out that the ministry depends on the voltage oversight of the Inspector General where and who does not fit to be an inspector in the Ministry of Labour, he said.

He Awad: that latter problem in the draft, is the issue of mining fields, explaining Onaaqrar law will lead to how sharing the right of this wealth.
He pointed out that licensing rounds, the former made ​​a confused lot, because the absence of the law will be signed by the ministry a lot of bumps legal, calling for careful direct licensing round the fourth to avoid the occurrence of legal problems in the absence of oil and gas law.

experts say in the oil field of the speedy enactment of a law of oil and gas in order to develop oil policies on the right track and to ensure optimum utilization of national wealth-rich.
According to some politicians that the draft law of oil and gas made ​​by the government limits the issues policy-making oil, however, the oil minister and head of government only, considering that this is contrary to the Constitution and that the task of the Ministry of Oil administrative and is not responsible for the policy-making oil.

Some suggest that there is a Supreme Council of Petroleum studying oil policy and the participation of the oil-producing provinces, in addition to the oil minister and the national oil company .
The government announced last year for ratification of the draft law of oil and gas and decided to submit them to Parliament for approval while the declared Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussein Alschurstana that the government has introduced some amendments to the draft oil law, which is long overdue and that reviewed by the Committee on Energy Council of Ministers.