The rule of law reveals the blueprint for Iraq to impose on the country Commandments

On: Friday 3/23/2012 6:35

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accused the coalition of state law, on Thursday, the Iraqi List, seeking to bring Iraq under the international trusteeship through trying to put domestic issues during the Summit, and was described as the attempt to "failed", it was considered that the internationalization of this issue will bring the country back to square one.

For its part, reiterated Iraq's refusal to attend the National Conference if they were held after the Arab summit, calling for other parties to demonstrate good intentions to resolve the political crisis.
The MP said the rule of law, Hussein al-Asadi told Alsumaria News that "any attempt to bring topics of interest thereon procedure at the Arab summit is a violation of the protocols in place in previous summits, "and accused Iraq of" seeking to enter Iraq under international trusteeship, through its demand put domestic issues during the summit, after it ended its attempts prior to failure. "
He described al-Asadi these attempts to "failed" , adding that "the internationalization of the issue at the summit will bring the country back to square one."
He al-Asadi that "the summit's agenda was prepared in advance by the foreign ministers of Arab countries," pointing out that "the presidency of the summit will not accept add any paragraph of this table."
The Iraqi National Accord Movement, led by Iyad Allawi confirmed, on Wednesday (21 March 2012), insist on the provision of a memorandum to the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month, and revealed it to contain a number of internal issues unresolved, most notably the Iranian threats to a number of Iraqi forces , and external interference, and violations of human rights, non-implementation of agreements Erbil.
The announcement of the National Accord Movement intention to send a memo to the Arab summit in Baghdad, a confirmation of the statements made ​​by the number of members of the Iraqi List, over the past weeks on the presentation of the problems faced by the country through written messages you send to the Arab leaders for discussion at the summit of Baghdad.
The Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi announced on 19 March 2012, to submit a formal request to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has four demands, which is a national meeting before the summit of Baghdad, and the abolition of the law of accountability and justice, and to accelerate the enactment of a law of amnesty, and the application of the terms of Erbil, while threatened to withdraw its ministers from the government in the event of non-implementation of their demands within 72 hours, in response a coalition of state law on the threat, describing the demands as "unrealistic," and accused Iraq of trying to disrupt the Arab summit.
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi capital Baghdad is preparing to receive the Arab delegations participating summit of Arab States to be held in Iraq by the end of this month, had been handed Iraq agenda of the summit delegates of Arab governments to the Arab League in Cairo (15 March current), including a clause was proposed by stressing the need to condemn acts of terrorism and agreed to fight it.
insists Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, the need to hold the National Congress before the Arab Summit with the possibility of keeping it open until after the Arab summit that "touched the serious intentions of the other parties." In reference to a coalition of state law, but stressed Talekayaa attending if it was agreed to be held after the summit.
The leader of the list Dhafir al-Ani told the Kurdish news agency that "the Iraqi List, will not attend the Conference (Forum) National that was held after the meeting of the Arab summit (.. .) Iraq is such a conference has no value. "
The Ani that "the postponement of the National Congress until after the Arab summit is further evidence of another lack of seriousness of a coalition of state law to reach a common convictions."
He al-Ani, saying that "Iraq does not believe the feasibility of a waste time and the introduction of public issues worthless ", calling for a coalition of state law to" Telling the public not they have the desire to reach agreements with partners. "
emphasized the leader of the Iraqi List, that "the list you see that it is inappropriate to attend a national conference after the Arab summit."
On the Arab level, the President of the Arab Parliament, yesterday, he will attend the summit of Baghdad at the head of a parliamentary delegation Forums to discuss the rules of procedure of Parliament to become permanent and not temporary, adding that he will attend the special meeting to discuss the item re-structure of the Arab League.
Ali Adakkbasi told the Kurdish news agency " We have received an invitation from Iraq to participate in the realization of the Baghdad summit, one of the most important peaks after the revolutions of the Arab-led Arab nations to eliminate the injustice practiced by previous regimes towards them. "
He explained that "four members of the Arab Parliament accompany him to the top of Baghdad," noting that "seeks to issuance of a decision of the Arab leaders to become the parliament and not always to temporarily exercise its right to pass laws the United Arab. "
He Adakkbasi "We see the need to be returned the structure of the Arab League to protect the people and represented and do not represent rulers, just as we do not want parliament to Permanent just be the added to the Arab organizations, but we want the have a resolution to impose on everyone. "
and on the Syrian crisis said Adakkbasi that "the Arab Parliament seeks to support the Syrian people in crisis that bleed her heart," noting that "will demand the issuance of courageous decisions of the Arab leaders to support the Syrian people and stand at his side and help him to bear the burdens as a result of injustice and tyranny of the system. "
and stressed that the "state of the presidency of the summit (of Iraq) and we have to play a big initiatives during its presidency of the summit to resolve this thorny issue and persuade the regime to step down and hand over power to the people.