The Iraqi List, plans to shift to a political party

12-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Iraq Forum

MP for the Iraqi List, Muhammad Iqbal, an intention to transfer the Iraqi electoral list for a political institution. Iqbal said in a press statement that some leaders of the Iraqi List, the intention to convert them to the party or political institution, especially in the presence of the law of parties before the House of Representatives .
He added that the political establishment, perhaps of all the blocks of internalized under Iraqi or part of them, gradually, within the framework of a particular table start block or blocks.
And that "the Iraqi List, and comprises a large group of parties and movements, symbols, and obtained a large number of electoral votes. Since winning the election was to target the political process works to overthrow and dismantle."
He stressed that "Iraq is still a coherent and well-placed and there is a bargaining chip to be dismantled and that what was published in the media exaggerated."