The private sector calls for bringing in international expertise

2003 2016

The private sector is the focus of the advancement of the Iraqi economy during the current conversion stage towards an open market economy, Phase require a private sector actor able to implement projects in accordance with the best specifications, and must be successful experiments confirm the presence effectively to feed the market with the best products.

Economist Reza Hussein stressed that the existence of an active private sector is linked to the extent of Matkdmh government support for him, pointing out that the support is in the form of regulation of the investment process, where the private sector needs to be laws that facilitate the smooth implementation of the projects away from the complexity and confusion and bureaucracy, and the support required tax and customs facilities and to facilitate the entry of international experience.

Competency training

He noted in an interview with «morning» to the need for the presence of international experience in the country and create conditions for their attendance to the actual work area, to contribute to the creation of advanced production lines and train local talent and groomed as the best that achieves economic feasibility, noting that training in the workplace contributes to the fine-tuning and skills more effectively.

Successful experience

He pointed to the existence of local experiences have proved a great success for the country, regional and global countries and became her export to various countries around the world the power, noting that such projects carried out by the local private sector and continue to expand their production waters of Pearl world-class under the supervision of international companies are licensed to continue production and follow all stages of during the samples periodically raise the quantities produced.

Foreign expertise

Hasani said that this project achieves significant economic feasibility and benefit from the presence of foreign expertise as well as technicians and engineers and local specialists in this regard and to give them the necessary expertise, and were trained in the field of employment, indicating the possibility of the adoption of this experience and circulated in other projects for the advancement of the process productivity, pointing to the need to there is a clutch of local expertise universality and its role in achieving great economic feasibility of the economy.

Production lines

He pointed to the importance of making use of manufacturing experience in the region, which has worked to achieve the marriage between local and international expertise and continues to be adopted in factories and production lines, indicating the importance that working copies of these experiences and transfer to the field of domestic work, and the provision of suitable atmosphere by facilitating the task of entering the international experts and the creation of elements attract them to enable the expertise of advanced technology that we desperately need them.

Thread qualitative and production-Hassani said that the follow-up production by the authorities concerned imperative to keep the consumer, stressing that there should be a calendar control of the production plants are characterized by integrity and transparency does not allow viewing of harmful materials to human health.

External demand

Hassani said: The successful experience already mentioned can be described task, because it works and is expanding despite the inter challenges, and that the success marks by foreign demand for quality product, pointing to the need to have our private sector in this weight to help in the real process of development sought by Iraq for this stage.

The role of media

With regard to the recruitment of international investment effort to talk pointed Hasani that the security aspect is important in attracting international effort developed, pointing out that the media sometimes creates an aura media is actually contributing to the creation of a tragic picture of the nature of economic life, calling for the need to have a real view of what is witnessing the country away from the amplified events.

He pointed to the importance of focusing on mineral water quality production and follow up on what is being offered in the market because it is the only substance that touches the lives of citizens, Wi bug where displays of consumer injury serious illnesses, pointing to the importance of emphasizing the raw water sources and make sure it is free of any radioactive contamination.

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