Barzani: serious conduct reforms


The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Naچervan Barzani that the region desperately need aid from the international community, stressing that his government is serious in conducting reforms.

A statement from the prime minister that Barzani met in Erbil British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

The statement said Hammond expressed his happiness to visit the Kurdistan Region and touched on the situation in Iraq in general and Kurdistan on the one hand the financial crisis, praising the efforts of the government and its actions and its reform program , which aims to pass the crisis.

Hammond announced his country 's readiness to help the government in its reform of Arbil.

He said to stop and thwart attacks and the risk of "terrorism" by Alپeshmrگh, hosting and providing services forces large numbers of displaced people and refugees by the provincial government to grant provincial status and signed a special with Europe and the whole world, hoping to be forces Alپeshmrگh a distinct role in the liberation of the city of Mosul plan.

For his part , Barzani, according to the same statement, thanked for the visit and the aid provided by Britain to Kurdistan forces Alپeshmrگh, reiterating that the financial crisis and the advent of large numbers of displaced people and refugees fleeing from the "terrorism", the region needs more aid from the international community.

Barzani also touched on the situation in Kurdistan province, procedures and plans to reform the provincial government to pass the financial crisis, stressing that the government is serious in conducting reforms.

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