Maliki: Iraq before the exam for her patriotism and everyone to give a message that Iraq is a country of freedom

03/21/2012 - 11:41
Iraq News
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Sumerian News / Baghdad
called State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Wednesday, the Iraqi List, and all the political blocs to support the security services, including contributing to the success of the summit of Baghdad, while noting that the Iraqi the test is very important for relations and patriotism, he stressed the importance of giving political blocs, a clear message that Iraq is a country of freedom and democracy. The leader of the coalition, Walid al-Hilli said in an interview for "Alsumaria News" that "all the political blocs and especially Iraq are invited to support Iraq's security through the support of the security services, and stay away from the development barriers through statements inhibitory morale standing obstacle to the success of this great task. "

It was a spokeswoman for the Iraqi MP Maysoon al said in a statement issued on Tuesday, and received "Alsumaria News," a copy of it, that "the list deplores the security breaches that hit the capital Baghdad and the cities different from Iraq," demand that the government and al-Maliki to "openness people the causes of security breaches and the continuing loss of Iraqi lives, and approached the House of Representatives for the true size of the al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq. " said jewelry that "the Iraqi List, today, the test is very important to the history of their relationship and her patriotism, through its support for the Arab Summit Conference, and condemned all acts of terrorism targeting Iraq, "noting that" Iraq has remained throughout its history, critical of the government and all its actions with it's post seven ministries in it. " said the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party that "Iraq is in a big job hosting the Arab brothers," noting that "everyone to give a clear message that Iraq is a country of freedom and democracy, in spite of political differences. "

Iraq has seen on Tuesday a series of coordinated attacks of 17 attacks were used car bombs and machine guns and explosive devices targeting different areas of the governorates of Baghdad, Karbala, Babil and Salaheddin, Anbar and Kirkuk and Nineveh, and resulted in the attacks in the outcome is final to the killing and wounding at least 248 people.

accused deputy state law Sami in an interview for "Alsumaria News", on Tuesday a comment on the bombings that took place yesterday, killing at least 250 people dead and injured, political parties (not unnamed) that they meet with al Qaeda to show Iraq as a troubled country and is safe to disable the Arab summit in Baghdad. and threaten Iraq over the last few weeks under the guidance messages written to the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month for the fact that the crisis in Iraq, if it does not touch the serious correct the situation, while the accused parties "information" Pfbarakh statements attributed it to justify any security breach before the summit. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi capital Baghdad to receive the delegations participating Arab Summit, Arab countries, which will be held in Iraq by the end of this month, was handed over Iraq, the agenda of the summit, the delegates of the Arab governments to the Arab League in Cairo yesterday, (15 March current), including an item proposed by the Iraq stresses the need to condemn acts of terrorism and agreed to fight it.