The start of preparatory meetings for the summit in Cairo, Baghdad //Conference to be held the development policies of economic

,21/03/2012 16:05...

Cairo, March 21 / March (Rn) - Iraq's delegation was led by preparatory meetings of the Economic and Social Council for the Arab summit in order to approve the files that will be presented at the Summit in its 23 scheduled to be held in Baghdad on 29 of the month.

The meeting was chaired by Hatem Hashem Sudanese Director General of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Commerce of Iraq.

Kazim said Shamkhi Amer, Director General of the Department of Planning, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Iraqi Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that "Iraq has completed all the procedures and preparations for the summit to be an important Arab event, which would be tantamount nation and provides environmental, economic and social occasion to promote the man the Arab to the levels of best fit for civilization and its history. "

Shamkhi added that "the social profile discusses the two main themes the conference on the Millennium Development Goals third made some Arab countries, runs from the progress in achieving these goals are still the least developed countries to seek it."

He pointed out that "the goals began in 2000 and ending in 2015 and addresses the Conference to be held the development policies of economic, health, educational and demographic and environmental be on the adhesion completely with these goals and that the Council will discuss the joint Arab action in the field of childhood where the conference will be held to discuss the Marrakesh Declaration in 2010 and considered Mntqath base for a unified Arab action plan up to the issues of joint Arab action in these circumstances critical economic and social variables and international. "

From: Sarah Ali. Open: Abdullah Sabri