Required to activate the Tariff Act

On: Wednesday 21/3/2012 6:12

 Baghdad / term
economic Parliamentary Commission renewed the day before yesterday, Monday, demanding the Iraqi Council of Ministers to create the basic introductions to the activation of the Tariff Act. The Iraqi Finance recently decided to activate the Tariff Act in Iraq as of June next after Tagelin row.

According to the Economic Commission representative that the activation of the tariff will provide revenue of an additional financial to the state treasury could be invested in the revitalization of agricultural and industrial sectors, but economists believe the futility of activating the law.
A member of the parliamentary economic Hussein Almrobei in a statement distributed by the Information Office, told reporters an email that the protection of the national product would only be done through the Tariff Act on goods of Foreign Affairs.
and the development of the new law tariff discriminatory start from zero and up to 30%.
He Almrobei that the tariff will reduce the entry of products harmful to health such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc., but noted that it should not include food products and pharmaceuticals.
The House of Representatives decided in earlier comments Tariff Act No. 22 of 2010 to be implemented in 30 of June next and returned to the Council of Ministers in order to determine the appropriate time to apply it according to economic requirements.
and cancels the new law the Tariff Act issue by the former governor Paul Bremer and the subject to all goods imported into the discount rate of 5% in taxes.