Deputy for the National: the Iraqi List, a "Balloon Release" .. Would be unable to put any issue at the summit

03.20.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Baghdad (news) A member of the State of Law Coalition MP / National Alliance / Adnan Mayahi, the Arab League's decision not to ask or discuss internal issues at the summit, an official message to the list of Arab not to put domestic issues, noting that Iraq is a "balloon media . " said Mayahi in a statement (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: statements of the Iraqi List, on the raised issues of Iraq's internal merely "balloons" media, confirming the inability of any political bloc, including the Iraqi List, put domestic issues, because of the Arab League's decision, the judge not to raise issues Interior of the people. The MP for the National: that President Jalal Talabani will be president of the Arab summit, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as the Iraqi delegation who will attend the summit, describing: the Iraqi List, "balloon" media always shave with air, and falls quickly. and was a member of the list renewal of MP / coalition in Iraq / Hamid Ashour, has accused the National Alliance, not to his seriousness to hold the National Congress, noting that the problems of Iraq's internal more than external problems. said Ashour (the news): No desire for the National Alliance to hold the National Congress before the Arab Summit to be held end of this month to empty of content, and that in the event held after the summit, there will be many implications and is not good. and Ashour stressed: that the Iraqi List, will be the internal political crisis for the country at the Arab summit by all means, indicating the following: that the political situation witnessed in the Iraqi arena internal differences over Iraq with the States.

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