Kurdish lawmaker calls to resolve the problems among Iraqi politicians ahead of the summit and return to the agreement of Arbil
20/03/2012 10:42

Cairo, March 20 (Rn) - The Kurdish lawmaker from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc today, Tuesday, that it is necessary not to include or discuss the internal issues of Iraq and especially the issue Hashemi in Baghdad summit so as not to embarrass ourselves in front of Arab leaders.

Said Mohsen Saadoun MP Arab and Iraqi Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) announced today that a "summit of Baghdad in this period is very important and gives a good impression that Iraq restores its position earlier between the Arab countries", believing that "the agenda of the Arab summit agreed upon by the members of the University and specialists in, no need to add the Iraqi political problems unresolved issue Hashemi, especially within the corridors of the Arab summit, indicating that we as Iraqis hope to solve these problems so as not to weaken the role of Iraq's Baghdad summit. "

"The issue Hashemi and agreements Irbil could have been resolved before the summit, and to the Iraqis to come together at a national conference so as not to reach the summit to the problems that were absent from Iraq for years."