[Robinredhed] We have very detailed intel of exactly what has been happening but for the protection of our sources we need to be somewhat general but will divulge as much as we can at this time. Talibani has taken the bulls by the horn and demanded everyone get their head in the game and stop all procrastination as of RIGHT NOW! He got together all the major players we have come to know...some in person and some in teleconference and due to the time constrictions now facing Iraq agreements have been made on an unprecendented scale.

[Robinredhed] The meeting was so successful, that it has been declared that it is the commencement of the National Conference! This conference will continue until all is agreed on including the Erbil, HCL, Ministers, and all outstanding issues. Shabibi has then agreed that if Maliki and the other leaders actually come to all these necessary agreements, the CBI will do it's part and revalue the IQD no later than March 25th! It must be understood that Shabibi has made this contingent on the agreements currently been agreed upon being completely followed thru on and implemented during this National Conference going now.

[Robinredhed] So under these circumstances, with the pressure of hosting the Summit which will begin on the 27th, we feel that the chances now are really great for the RV to occur between Tuesday and the 25th of March which makes this event as imminent as it has ever been. We hope we have helped all that has followed us to remain grounded thru these months as we have always done our best to tell you the realities with no hype included, and now we can all exit the ride, exhale, and plan our new lives of prosperity.

[Robinredhed] Steve posted this in response: I believe in you and trust you. I think they are about done myself. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week. Blessings, Steve