The Times: leaking secret documents in which data for thousands of recruits to the "Daash"
Dated: Thursday 03/10/2016

British newspaper The Times published on its front page a report on the leak of classified documents from the organization "Daash" terrorist, the data for thousands of recruits in the organization, including Britons.
, Says the Times that the security agencies in the process of examining detailed data on the names, addresses and contacts about 22,000 recruits in the organization "Daash" terrorist, including dozens of Britons.
and described the leak, according to the paper, as a blow to the organization , "Daash" terrorist, an important source of information in the war on regulation , Syria and Iraq.
and reached the security services, according to the Times, that the organization "Daash" terrorist established center HR, being the interviews with recruits and take them their own information, and then admitted to choose between to be suicide bombers , or soldiers, or in other tasks.
show leaked documents that the organization "Daash" terrorist recruited gunmen from 50 countries, 70 percent of whom are Arabs, while most foreigners from France and then Germany and Britain.
it is believed that the man who leaked the documents was in the free Syrian army, then joined the organized "Daash" terrorist, before fleeing, saying that the organization has become under the control of former soldiers in Saddam Hussein 's regime, and it is no longer committed to the teachings of Islam