Law: Obama seeks to ensure the success of the Summit service campaign!

Author: the future of Iraq

03.19.2012 0:00

Baghdad / Iraq's future
MP for the rule of law Albzona Jawad, Sunday, pressures for major U.S. Gulf states to attend the Arab summit, adding that U.S. President Obama will use the success of the Arab Summit as a promotion for the upcoming elections. He said Albzona news agency the future, that "there is pressure U.S. Gulf states to attend and the success of the Arab summit is hoped to be held in Baghdad, to serve the U.S. policy, particularly the issue of the American elections, because the ruling party in the United States wants Iraq to be held in which the top and evolve dramatically, to prove democracy calculate and record the success of the current President Obama, "adding that" the external pressures and internal conditions for the Gulf States paid towards the presence of its leaders to Baghdad. " He emphasized that "the Arab summit in Baghdad is the entitlement of a national of Iraq and just set up here is the great success of the political situation and the triumph of the will of the country," calling on "the political blocs to leave their differences and work for the success of the summit, where there are demands to hold national conference before the summit, raising the roof of the demands of this Parties, and the continued pressure on the government can lead to failure of the summit. "and added that" Iraq has provided all the justifications, and concessions that will succeed the summit including the failure to host the Syrian president and not to invite Iranian President Ahmadinejad and others, although invited the Iranian side was necessary because it is a neighboring state actors in the region. " "And Iraq submitted a commitment to be with the Arab consensus on any decisions taken and gave further assurances of the Bahraini non-interference of internal affairs and also gave assurances to the Saudi side that protects the border in the security aspect and the exchange of prisoners, and all these assurances came to attend the Arab leaders." The Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari said earlier about the intention of the Iraqi government to invite members of the diplomatic corps of foreign workers in Iraq to attend the opening session of the Arab summit. It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi government confirmed on several occasions not to discuss the issue of Bahrain and Syria in the files of the Arab summit scheduled for the end of this March.