And berries political blocs accused of bad faith in a lot of important draft laws

Monday, March 19 / March 2012 09:05

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates accused the independent MP Alexander and berries, political blocs, bad faith and obstruction of important bills, criticizing the work of the House of Representatives for the current session.

And berries and said, in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {} Monday, "I am not satisfied with the work of Parliament for the current session to disable many of the important laws." Adding that "the political blocs behind where it played a major role in thwarting bills are important and the success of the other."

He pointed out that "the Iraqi List, post comments deputies in the parliament sessions was a major reason to block a lot of bills."

The Iraqi List, has suspended its participation in the meetings of the House of Representatives to protest what it called a policy of marginalization and exclusion, the government's right to non-implementation of agreements and Erbil, and after several weeks of boycott returned to its natural place in Parliament and participated in its meetings.

He and berries that "there are a lot of bills very important was supposed to give it priority in the voting, except that the blocks of political obstruction, including Mi_khas reconsider a bill the salaries of employees and retirees, and to review the draft Law on the Ministry of Defense and the guards Alliliyn and social care in addition to the amnesty law and the law of arms Occlusive voice and other important draft laws. "

The work of the House of Representatives began the current session of the second election in the 11 of November 2010, is scheduled to finish third in the legislative term of 20 months from next April. Ended 14 o'clock