Member State of Law: National Congress will fail because the masses are unwilling to take place
On: Sun 03/18/2012 20:05

Osman urges political blocs to resolve their differences before going to the top of Baghdad BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tamimi was likely a member of the state law failed the National Congress that they were the political blocs is willing to facilitate the work of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference. said member of the state law Batool Farooq in response to the statement Alliance MP Kurdistan, Mahmoud Othman, on the lack of benefit of the conference and that the country is witnessing a crisis »the political blocs that most of them feel like big to attend Almatmrlknha the other hand need to give up their positions»., adding Farouk's (Citizen): »that some blocks did not make clear its position on the conference until now, but just continue to prepare for the national conference is a positive development »., explaining» We're in the rule of law seek to find common ground for a national conference to come out with positive results debatable »., and continued Farouk» the political blocs that busy at the present time to prepare for the Arab summit, and that some see the conference After the summit ». Calling at the same time the political blocs to forget their differences aside because the conference will fail in the absence of sincerity and seriousness in the success of the Preparatory Committee in its work »The Kurdistan Alliance had expected put the problems of Iraq in Baghdad summit scheduled to take place in the twenty-ninth of March in case of no resolved before the national meeting. Osman said in a press statement «that« the invitation of Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, political groups of Iraq to unify their positions on Arab issues ahead of the summit proof of the validity of what we want at this time of need to hold a national meeting before the summit to resolve the political problems unresolved » , Osman said that «there are political parties have a connection with the Arab countries, inviting them to view the internal problems at the summit called for political blocs to unite their efforts to resolve their differences and their positions before heading to Baghdad summit».