Jubouri preclude the holding of the National Congress before the Arab Summit
17/03/2012 23:06:00

The Iraqi News Agency Independent / Baghdad / n. X ... Ruled out the block free member Jawad al-Jubouri national conference was held before the Arab Summit due to preoccupation with the political blocs in creating the participants receiving the summit to be held the end of the current month of February.

Jubouri said in a press statement received (and independent Iraqi news agency) The desire to be found at the political blocs to hold the National Congress, but his contract before the summit is difficult because of preoccupation with the political blocs and the government in creating the reception of participants at the Arab summit,

Indicating the presence of a priority for a number of blocks in the summit before the conference, which means the internal issues that can not be raised during the Arab summit could be held at another time is agreed upon,

Indicating that he With meetings between the heads of the blocks and the leaders before the Arab Summit to give a good picture of the situation in Iraq

Stressing the need to consolidate the political positions of State