Bluwolf chat 11:00 am edt 10/12/11 (Janna post GET Forum)

[bluwolf] no there are no words of wisdom coming out all is silent and no the dong did not rv, in fact none have rv as of yet, please remember that all currencies will come out at the same time. Period
[THJ] bluwolf Do you see the RV by the 15th?
[bluwolf] the senate approved a sanctions bill against China, that is not good
[bluwolf] if passed by the house it will cause a trade war
[EARTHANGEL] Why is it showing up on the private forex screens?
[bluwolf] earthangel you must ask them to send you a picture of the screen, on forex it is showing at .000536
[noah] bluwolf any effect on the RV?
[bluwolf] noah either two things it will push China to come into play asap or they can delay all the process
[bluwolf] remember china is number one in the basket
[bluwolf] I take this time to pray for one of our own, tomorrow he will undergo surgery and needs ours prayers so that God will be in his corner, please keep him into your minds and prayers, thou you may not know his name at this time God does and He will heal to your petitions.
[bluwolf] excuse me he is so nervous that he got his date confused he will be operated on Friday at 10:30 am
[doforself] bluwolf is that you having surgery on Friday
[bluwolf] no it is not I
[bluwolf] this gentleman and his dear wife are well loved herein the get team
[bluwolf] well lets se what the day brings
[bluwolf] I will be calling alot of places to see what is in the pot
[bluwolf] well all I will say down under in my country all major banks have been giving training on the fincen 104 form since last Thursday
[bluwolf] the fincen 104 form is a form that is issued by all banks, its use is to monitor all monies on any accounts be it individual or corporate ,this form gets back to the IRS

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[bluwolf] listen folks I am praying to get rid of a problem and I know that God will deliver it soon enough
[bluwolf] and this problem is this rv
[bluwolf] I cannot wait for this day to arrive
[bluwolf] for so many need this blessing
[bluwolf] and I need the rest
[bluwolf] life is forever short
[bluwolf] and it could go in a nano second
[elaine schembre] bluwolf .... good morning Blu...... has the China issue been settled.... with their rate
[bluwolf] elaine no
[elaine schembre] bluwolf .... thank you for your response Blue..... no RV til that is settled.... correct
[bluwolf] imo no ma’am
[elaine schembre] bluwolf .... it has to go to the house yet.... correct.....
[bluwolf] yes
[elaine schembre] bluwolf .... do you think... we have a chance for this week
[bluwolf] no comment
[bluwolf] all is possible
[bluwolf] read my posting above
[bluwolf] look folks
[bluwolf] bottom line
[elaine schembre] yes Blu
[bluwolf] we are just waiting for the banks signal
[bluwolf] no delays
[bluwolf] The China issue could go both ways
[heartsofhope] bluwolf cool thanks
[bluwolf] all countries are in the basket and must be ready to go
[Dee1031] bluwolf hope the China issue goes the good way
[bluwolf] Iraq is not holding up a darn thing
[bluwolf] but the greedy must step down
[elaine schembre] bluwolf .... who or what are they waiting on Blu
[elaine schembre] Oh
[bluwolf] The US
[bluwolf] the BIS is waiting to charge in
[bluwolf] the wto
[bluwolf] the imf
[bluwolf] the ust
[bluwolf] the un
[elaine schembre] bluwolf .... have anything to do with taxes Blu
[bluwolf] elaine that is part of your domestic problem and its a issue
[elaine schembre] ........................soooooooo tiring
[elaine schembre] republicans don't want it
[bluwolf] all banks have so much extra money stashed in for your cashin
[bluwolf] all flickering front screens have stopped since 10:00 am est yesterday
[elaine schembre] bluwolf .... is that good or bad Blu
[elaine schembre] good right
[bluwolf] all banking personal in PR have been training on filling out the fincen 104
[bluwolf] since last Thursday
[bluwolf] alot of manager meetings going on as we speak
[bluwolf] so all looks good so far
[bluwolf] but please pray and I mean pray so that the greedy will step down and let these pending worldwide rv's just happen