Arab delegations reach Baghdad early next week
Intensive meetings between the leaders of political blocs to bring out properly the Arab Summit

Baghdad / justice - 18/03/2012 - 12:38 AM

Leaders of political blocs held intensive meetings and workshops to bring out the depth of the Arab summit in Iraq and properly position. And First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail said that "the summit in Baghdad is a natural benefit of Iraq as a sign that Iraq began to take its role as the Arab who was to suggest that Iraq is problematic or conflict"

. And expressed the belief that everyone knew that Iraq has begun to recover and therefore achieve the Transitional other than the internal construction and local to regional and openness to the role of Arab and regional levels. "And noted that" the success of the summit in Baghdad, the responsibility of all politicians in Iraq and there are intensive workshops and in-depth among all the leaders of the blocks Iraqi politics to take it out a way that takes the country, because the feelings of the Arab countries is positive and support towards the success of the upcoming summit.

"Meanwhile, the outlook suggests that the Arab delegations will begin to reach Baghdad early next week. and the government confirmed that Iraq had not yet received any refusal or apology from any Arab country to participate in the Summit, the adviser said the Iraqi government spokesman Tahseen "We expect to begin receiving the delegation of the General Secretariat of the Arab League on 24 this month," noting that "the meeting of ministers of finance and the economy will start on 27 this month, is certainly to reach Minister the day before the meeting.

"The Sheikhly that" it is expected that the foreign ministers of 27 of this month in preparation for the meeting the next day, "adding that" Presidents and the Arab leaders are expected to reach Baghdad on the day of the summit " . Alchkla He continued that "preparations are based on and in the final stages and everyone will see the summit of excellence in all logistical preparations."