Economic parliamentary: the dollar out of the market affects the strength of the Iraqi dinar
17/03/2012 17:32

Dahuk, March 17 / March (Rn) - The decision of the parliamentary economic committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Saturday, out for about two billion U.S. dollars from the Iraqi market within one month, warning, which he called the seriousness of continuing to pull the dollar because it affects the power of the Iraqi dinar.

Mahma Khalil Mahma said Khalil told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), said Saturday that "as economic indicators have emerged from the Iraqi market about two billion U.S. dollars in one month only."

"We can not accuse any party of standing behind it, do not say it's the smuggling of foreign currency, and whether what happened was the result of transfers of traders and trading citizens, but the economic indicators say so."

He pointed out that "out of these amounts, whether formally or informally, it has impacts on the strength of the Iraqi dinar because the dollar that we get comes from the export of only commodity that we have a crude oil, ranging from 200 to 300 million dollars a day."

He said Khalil, a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, said that "the Economic Commission previously published figures, mobile phones in different media for reporting any violations related to trade deals that do harm to the economy and the national and the Iraqi currency," adding that "everyone to do their duties to protect the economic security of the country ".