Algehiche likely to migrate a number of laws for the next parliament, including legal parties, oil and gas
Saturday, March 17 / March 2012 13:45

[Baghdad - where]

Likely representative for the Iraqi List, to migrate a number of important draft laws to the next parliamentary session.

The MP said Osman Algehiche told all of Iraq [where] that "there are laws that are very important I think she will leave to the House of Representatives next because some political blocs do not want to feel these laws such as the law of political parties and which, if enacted in accordance with the regulations and mechanisms to work the party may lose some of the parties, a lot of privileges in the event of financial and determine the funding party headquarters as well as oil and gas law, which is also found it problematic and differences in the validity of licenses and export and fiscal revenues and others. "

"As that among the important laws and potential carried over for the session next parliamentary is the law of dual nationality and who is disabled because the political blocs and without exception, the deputy ministers, officials and ambassadors have sexual Almzdugah In case of activation must be applied to them and this is what you do not want him blocs because many of those who have sexual Almzodjh sheltering this nationality a factor in encouraging them to financial and administrative corruption, so that the reason for disabling this law is purely political. "

The draft law on political parties Pantqadt confronted by some politicians, as considered by some MPs that this law is taken from the Egyptian law did not take into account the change in circumstances between Iraq and Egypt and others criticized the law because it did not benefit from the experience of democratic countries.

Announced in the parliamentary legal committee completed discussion of all chapters of the draft law on political parties except for the separation of financial funding for parties.

It is also the law of oil and gas, since the adoption of the constitution, of the most outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, which is no less important for decision makers in the region on Article 140 of the Constitution relating to the disputed areas.

The dispute is between Arbil and Baghdad on 41 oil contracts signed by the provincial government since 2007 until now and see the central government in Baghdad that any oil contract must be consent and refusal of the Kurdistan region recently a draft law of oil and gas approved by the Iraqi government and sent to the House of Representatives for approval, which was opposed by the Government of Kurdistan strongly.