okieoilman: good morning (very early morning) america, ships at sea and all our world wide friends. Last night i stated i had landed the plane and was taxing to the terminal. We are now at the terminal and have started de-boarding. Boy that sounds too cryptic for some--so let me dumb it down a bit so there will be no mis-understanding.------the r/v has occured and is now posted on the bank screens and is active. Myself, bulldog, soonerfan and many others has made around 70-80 call's today to many financial institutions to verify such. The rate is very high--we were informed but subject to correction the rate was 14.38-- -that sounds fantastic and i pray the intel we received from so many sources is correct. It is my understanding that some may be able to cash out tommorow (today-saturday) but the bulk of the dinarians will be at the bank monday and thereafter. So there is what we have all been waiting for and should give extra thanks to our father for bring this to fruition----congratulations rich friends---do not forget your tithes and pay is forward--
okieoilman: i pray the explanation was clear enough so there are no mis-understandings