Zebari is expected to soon exit Iraq from Chapter VII

Friday 16/03/2012 15:26

BAGHDAD - Jawdat Kazem

Expressed among the Iraqi political comfortable to preliminary results, which resulted in about the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of Kuwait.
Al-Maliki said after the conclusion of his talks with Prime Minister of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, agreed to settle some outstanding issues, and praised the positive spirit to resolve what was left of them.
He said in a statement received «life» a copy of it, that «the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides agreed on the principles and frameworks to solve all the common files in a short time schedules».
He expected the MP Abdul-Hadi al-Hassani, the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII «Soon, after Kuwait pledged not to stand without hindrance it». He said in a statement to «life», that «officials of the State of Kuwait pledged to the Prime Minister and the accompanying delegation not to oppose or block the action out of Iraq from Chapter VII, and this if followed as planned, Kuwait will prove to everyone that it is serious in resolving all the differences and files sticking with Iraq ».
He added: «I think that the next phase will translate the successes that resulted from the visit of Prime Minister».
Furthermore, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, achieving the «breakthrough» in relation to the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII, in addition to the «good compromise in terms pillars border and financial obligations between the two countries», describing the talks, al-Maliki with the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al- morning, as «very successful».
In addition, MP has called to the high Nassif »follow up the implementation of what was agreed upon by the Committee not be similar to the previous committees».
She said in a statement received «life» copy of it: «We are sure that al-Maliki has a strong will to resolve outstanding issues with Kuwait to ensure the best interest of Iraq, but the important part of his efforts to resolve these files is to follow the implementation of what was agreed upon during his visit, by Commission may not be similar to the previous committees, and that is follow up the matter of it personally if necessary ».
For his part, the media advisor to the Minister of Transport Karim Nouri told «life», that «officials in Kuwait have expressed an overwhelming response with the ideas proposed by the Iraqi side of the proposals for Halhh outstanding issues», said: «The two sides agreed to complete the deliberations among the members of the High Joint Committee which will be meeting soon after the end of the Arab summit conference in Baghdad, provided that the reservation proposals of the Committee on the resolution of those files the rights of peoples, in other words not resolved the issue in favor of a party at the expense of the other, and this includes all files of land border demarcation and water, as well as the issue of joint oil fields and other files ».
Port and Mubarak Al-Kabeer, he said that »the talks dealt with all issues, including the port and the freedom of navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah, and soon will be sorting out things in harmony with the interests of both peoples».
But deputy «Iraqi List» Hamid al-Mutlaq, criticized the «bargaining at the expense of the interests of Iraq and the Iraqis». He said in a statement to «life»: «We refuse to compromise on one meter from the dust of Iraq, also reject the agreements are not based on respect for the rights of Iraqis and their sacrifices for their home soil».
He added that «this does not mean we stand deduced from the government's attempts to resolve the differences and the outstanding issues with neighboring Kuwait, but what we aspire to do is preserve the rights of Iraq as a whole».
The spokesman for militia «9 Badr Brigade» Abu Abdullah Muhammadawi, that the decision to take up arms against what he described as «excesses Kuwait» depends on the outcome of Maliki's visit.
The group announced in a statement its intention to take up arms against Kuwait on the background of the controversy around the port of Mubarak. Muhammadawi explained in a statement, said that «the outcome of Maliki's visit to Kuwait will determine the possibility of Joina to force or not to re-Iraqi, who usurped the right neighbor Kuwait».
He added: «We hope that the Kuwaiti officials to be their decision stems from the mentality of a mature and open a new page with Iraq in the interest of the two brotherly peoples, away from the logic of superiority over others».
Differences on the transfer of modern attacks trial of Anbar to Baghdad

Baghdad - Uday Hatem

Varied positions of the people of Anbar province's decision to eliminate the transfer of the accused to trial «modern crime» to Baghdad.
The lawmakers said the day before yesterday that the decision «selectively raises doubts» and threatened civil disobedience, said «Anbar Salvation Council,» he «and hundreds of tribal leaders demanded a trial in Baghdad accused terrorists because they are released from the prisons of Anbar against bribery». But the House of Representatives called for trial the perpetrators of recent attacks in Anbar or Salaheddin, stressing that «the people of the province will continue to demonstrate whether the perpetrators had not been tried in one of those two provinces».
His deputy «Iraqi List» Ahmed Alwani during a press conference held at Parliament House with a number of deputies Anbar the day before yesterday that «the recent attacks committed in the Anbar province and arrested perpetrators in salads and this should be tried in Anbar or Salahuddin», considering that the deal eliminate the issue moved to Baghdad «a selective and raises doubts and misgivings».
He added that «the Supreme Judicial Council has not transferred the case raised against the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, that is, double standards».
But the Judicial Council confirmed yesterday that «the decision to move the trial was taken can not be changed». The spokesperson for the Council, Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar that «the decision to move the trial of accused terrorist incident, which occurred in the district of newly issued and will be tried in Baghdad».
The gunmen driving vehicles (SUV) with signs of Interior Ministry forces attacked earlier this month with automatic weapons and hand grenades, the headquarters of regiment emergency police and checkpoints of the army, and houses belonging to the security elements, in the district of modern western Anbar province, killing 28 members security, including the Deputy Commandant rapid response Relax with Colonel Mohammed, Captain Khalid Sabri.
The president of the Council «Anbar Salvation» Sheikh Hamid al-Hayes asked the defendants in the trial of Anbar as «campaigning early and bidding is only a political». He told «life» that «Salvation Council and hundreds of tribal leaders in the province demanded a trial in Baghdad accused because they think it will be a fair and just punishment offenders will take».
He added that «the terrorists and criminals are freed from the prisons of Anbar and not change their statements as witnesses terrorism is to change their testimony in exchange for money», adding that «is not a guarantor of the non-launch of the perpetrators of the Haditha massacre if they stay in Anbar».
He pointed out that «the al-Qaeda and terrorists, the Arabs are freed after arrest, and the security establishment in Anbar infiltrated so we want their trial in Baghdad, because we trust the Iraqi judiciary and the integrity is not questioned, but the corrupt or the owners of the goals the patient».
U.S. forces published misleading information about the Mosul airport

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