Hashemi alludes to leave Iraq temporarily

Friday, March 16 / March 2012 10:23

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, said he would not leave the land of Iraq, but it is temporary and will announce it at the time in an official statement, praising the position of President of Kurdistan, refusing to hand him over to the Iraqi government.

A statement of the Office of the Vice President of the Republic received the agency {Euphrates News} today a copy of it for al-Hashemi, saying he "is not new, confirm the president of the region on behalf of the brothers, the Kurds principled position of supervisor, who declared from the beginning in dealing with the political crisis fabricated does not see a solution only through political effort which hit the nail on the head. "

And picked up news agencies, a statement attributed to the region's president Massoud Barzani said when refusing to hand over the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi to be prosecuted to the Iraqi government, and renewed his call to resolve his case politically through three presidencies, accused the central government of trying to implicate the Kurdish issue Hashemi through the proposal to facilitate the smuggling of the province.

A statement from the office he was "at a time which is expressed the MP for the gratitude not misery Kurds, he would like to reassure the Iraqi people in all its components and factions, that no matter how great calamities it, it will remain on the land of Iraq will not be leaving it only temporarily, and when the need arises for that part of his job and his responsibilities as Deputy President of the Republic In this case, to be announced in an official statement issued at the time. "

He added that "the problem will not be resolved to leave the Hashemite Iraq's land after he became a national symbol of Mazlomah suffered by millions of our people patient, the real solution lies in amending the track, to stop the series of injustice and respect for human rights in the fight against poverty by fighting corruption, improving conditions of life through the renunciation of discrimination and the development of the citizen in the right place, in the limit of the national decision in the hands of Iraqis by addressing the foreign interference in internal affairs, through reform, not arrogance and insistence on the error. "