Source: Modify the salary scale will include the private sector retirees

On: Friday 3/16/2012 6:19

 Baghdad / range
announced by the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Najiba Najib for the formation of a small committee, represented by the members of parliamentary blocs to re-pay scale employees and retirees, indicating that the most prominent public pension law amendments will include workers in the private sector retirement age.

The answer, according to the Agency (news) said on Thursday: The formation of a sub-committee within the Finance Committee composed of representatives of the parliamentary blocs different to reconsider the peace salaries of employees and retirees, noting that the National Commission for retired General will send to the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives a new bill includes amendments to the salaries of retired to his study and vote on it.
The answer: to highlight the amendments in the law is to unite the salaries of retired veterans with new and this means increasing the salaries of those who have been referred to the retirement recently to Atsawoa with veterans, and adjust the salary scale standard for retirees as well as the inclusion of workers in the private sector law retirement year, saying it is a good step to promote the work in the private sector.
She stated that this amendment in the bill will support the private sector and the rise of the Iraqi economy by easing the heavy burden on the state, what would encourage workers in the government sector to the conversion to work in the private sector, as it will ensure their pension rights.